Do you think Music helps or distracts when trying to clean/organize/de clutter?

Diether Q.
Yes it helps a lot especially in cleaning. Organising and decluttering need more thought and i don't like to be distracted.

Janice O.
I think it distracts me, a lot of people I know listen to music while doing chores but I have add (it’s basically “adhd” without the “h”) and I find it extremely hard to listen to music and do chores at the same time. If I listen to it on my phone I’ll just go on my phone to choose a different song and then I’ll end up getting lost into my phone instead of doing chores, this happens every time I try to listen to music in general or when I’m listening to it while doing chores. But without music I still won’t focus because I always get distracted with anything around me, this caused me to fail all of my classes for the 1st and 2nd quarters.

Noham S.
HELPS! I can not clean without somthing in the background. When I don't, the cleaning is drudgery, when I do im in the zone!