Do I actually have to keep my place clean all the time if I live alone and don’t like forcing myself to clean ?

Florian Z.
Actually that’s how i feel. If I am going to have my own house and I don’t want to force myself to clean. Yet, if going to do it, I don’t want it by force but in an open mind and heart… I know that we need to keep our place clean and tidy. But forcing yourself to do so , for me, you make it worse for yourself… but deep inside me cleaning is the right thing to do.
Valarmathi F.
Not all the tike maybe. It depends for everyone. For me every month or so i do a deep cleaning and i reorganize my stuff to have a new fresh look. Seeing the same thing every single day drains me and makes me feel stuck in time. Do as you please. Maybe not every single day you should do a deep cleaning. But maybe every week you could focus on one specific room. I'm just giving suggestions. Good luck on your journey mate !