Any good tips for organising all things?

Kyle J.
1. Sort through what you're organizing… keep what you love, repurpose the things you sort of like (if you can), and donate/sell what you don't like/use
⭐If you get rid of the old, you can make room for the new⭐
2. If there's a way of sorting your keep pile into categories, do that. This might not apply to all organizing tasks. It also might not work the first… or fifth time.
⭐Group together what feels right for YOU… it's YOUR stuff and YOUR life⭐
3. BOXES. Put it all into neat little containers. Label them. Stack them. Put smaller ones in bigger ones. Use diaper boxes or shoe boxes… just make a home for EVERYTHING. Dollar store clear bins are 👌🏻
⭐If you put something back in the same place every time, you will never lose it⭐
*might not apply to all organizing situations*
4. Make it visible! If things aren't wedged together, it's not a shitshow to grab something quickly. Saves effort and frustration.
⭐The less "clutter" there is with the useful stuff, the more room there is for the useful stuff⭐
5. Do what works for YOU. Don't let your mom's habits determine how you live your life.
⭐YOU are the one who has to find things in your house on a daily basis⭐
Fira N.
Make a daily schedule,it will help a lot

Or you can remember All the things you did and make it as a daily activities and remove all the bad activity

Mania X.
I'm not really good at organising but here are some things that helped. First make some time in your day to clean your space. Second find a way of organising that helps you. like a system