Is 10 minutes everyday enough for you to keep your whole flat/house cleaned? How to use the time better?

In S C.
I only use those 10 min to clean my room aka workspace. I take the clothes out of my bed put the books I don't need away and little things like that. For the rest of the house, is a matter of putting the stuff in their right place and cleaning it when you're done using
Cerasela C.
For me 10 minutes are not enough. I live in a city with a lot of dust and I have a six year old boy who love to have toys all over the place. I managed to clean more quickly than before (I neded a whole day to clean all the house) because I use a japonese saying "everything has its place".
Marian P.
I like to clean an certain area of the house each day. For example, today I cleaned my study room. After you clean an area try to keep it clean.
Louisa U.
Yes sometimes time is precious and there are so many things to do in a day! So ten minutes is fine for cleaning the house.
Kirk J.
Yes totally! You just need to do a small bit of work (such as ten minutes) a day and your flat/house should stay clean and organized.If you think ten minutes isn't enough you can start adding five. so you would clean for fifteen minutes and if that's not enough then 20 Just totally don't overdo it! Thank you and good luck – user 💖🧽🌟
Lilo P.
No, ten minutes is not enough. I need at least 30 minutes just to clean my bedroom. I like to kick on some music, and go into clean mode.
Senta U.
Okay,so i am not at my own home yet that's why I just have to put the things at their place in my room only and it takes just 10 minutes to go for it
Камелија Поп-Зафиров N.
Declutter different and smaller areas of your home daily, so when you eventually clean oll of the clutter you can just maintain the order. Keep you drawers clean and neat so you can just put everything back where it belongs. This significantly minimizes the needed time for a clean up.
Victoria W.
10 mins a day is not enough for me to clean my home. 30 mins at least per day, if I have done in depth tidying once a month.
Laurie F.
It probably is not enough time. However it is better to clean for 10 minutes per day rather than not at all, which is sometimes the unhelpful habits I can fall into.
Sofia E.
Well. To start with 10 minutes is good. Cleaning the whole house can involve multiple family members thereby reducing the individual time required to clean the entire house. Else, assigning one room per day will also do wonders
Juliane C.
No sometime it depends on what I have to clean so it doesn’t always have to be cleaned in 10 mins I’ll try and get up early and clean for like 15-20 mins just try and use your time we’ll I know it might take longer than expected so just try waking up early and do it so you have more time though out the day to yourself
Augustin P.
Not really. But 10 minutes at a time is a manageable amount that is less likely to trigger my chronic pain. If I work in 10 to 15 minute blocks with rests in between I'm more likely to get things done rather than end up in bed for days from pushing myself too hard.
Arianna Z.
Is never enough 10 minutes, but take just that 10 minutes per day to clean the house help me to not get overwhelmed over it, something that I normally always do.
When I need to deep clean the room I just ignore that and take a lot more than just 10 minutes, it depends on the situation
Anna E.
10 minutes is enough time to keep the whole house clean, but if you put things in their place when they're done using it,like do the dishes you dirty when your cooking or or after dinner 🍽️ it makes it's makes better form the next day for the house to be cleaned.
Donna T.
Ten minutes is not enough to deep clean my whole apartment. I live with three others, and two do not like to clean up after themselves. Ten minutes is enough time for maintenance cleaning. It helps me to unwind because I am in a place that isn't as cluttered as it was ten minutes ago. As a result of that, during the day I feel better about vacuuming, taking care of something that bothers me, etc because I have that buffer of ten minutes at night to do the small things.
Sarah O.
We have a small 1200 square foot apartment. I take ten minutes in the evening to tidy up and my husband does it in the mornings. We can keep it clean consistently. On the weekends, we deep clean.
Jenny U.
No. I need more time. I need to be able to focus in each room every day. I need to spend a few hours every day to keep and maintain my home where it is safe and clean for me and my girls.
Clinton F.
Maintenance wise when big clean outs are done ) eg as in committed major declutter efforts or house move- I find what works for me 2 minute pick ups prompts during day easy , and what I call 15 minute starters if a tidy or cleaning task is being put off or needs committment – o ce into it its easy to do an hour. Just start – and if you cant keep going coming back to it is less daunting. The two minute pick ups or small jobs keep stuff put away tidy and smoother running. I include spotting clothes marks or filling soap dispensers waiting in 2 minute jobs. Picking up and returning clothes to wardrobe of course. Aside from a,15 minute starter, if needes I committ to 30 mins to hour as needed in kitchen maintenace- sink clean- front of cupboards as needes, or fridge wipes, food put aways or prep etc . Big fridge cleanout windows, car cl ean can be a,15 min starter. etc.😊❤🌹
Daisy N.
Yes, give yourself goals to work towards to within a certain amount of time. Like cleaning your room ,for example, start at one end and work your way down to the other! Time yourself if it’s easier!!.x
Ritthy T.
No 10 min not enough for me to keep my house clean. Actually I do very little work for my house because there are so many people in my family who done this all stuff before me. So yeah I used to perfect those incomplete or unaccurate work . And yes I keep clean my desk everyday where I used to study and my surrounding also.
So for me time management for cleaning is something unacceptable because when ever I see there is mess around me or something that irritated me , first I clean that then continue my work.
Chloe N.
I would say yes, if I want to get some tidying up around the house I start with the BIG things. When that’s done I do the little things.
Quintino T.
I guess so. But this cleaning should be a quick and easy type of cleaning, i.e. It should not include mopping and dusting. To mop and dust we must find extra time. I guess 1 day every week to mop and dust and all the other days, doing the quick 10 minute cleaning should be enough. The main motive of the 10 minute cleaning, in my perspective, is to create a clean, open and positive environment around us. Clearing away all the waste, clatter and piles.
Anne G.
It’s actually enough to clean my room, which is not that big in size. However, I need about half and hour to clean up kitchen, living room, bath room.
Vinzenz B.
in my opinion i thibk 15 minutes would be more appropriate but it really depends on the person and cleanliness of the area.
Flora F.
Is it not like you are doing some deep cleaning. But it's enough to keep everything in order, also it's just some basic cleaning stuffs like doing the dishes and sweeping the flor. Waking up with your house clean is a nice feeling for your mind.
Margaux T.
In my opinion, ten minutes is the perfect time for some people and for others it might be too much not enough. For example, for me, it's perfect 10 minutes.
Paola P.
10 min. is not enough for the whole flat, but could be enough if you clean one room at the time each day. The most important thing is: don’t leave objects around, but put them away immediately.
Sorry V.
You dont need to do it in 10 minutes. Take your time! If you have cleaned yesterday it will be easier to clean today. I dont think a full house can be cleaned in that time.
Angie C.
I've found that after the house is clean, 10 minutes a day can keep it that way. Missing days will get you behind though and it takes a lot longer to get caught back up.
Caroline U.
10 minutes is enough for a quick tidy! I keep it in my Fabulous habits though because a full clean sounds daunting, but 10 minutes is very manageable, and once I get into it I lose track of time and will keep going until I’ve done a full clean without even noticing 🙂
Ashley X.
Fabulous has a cute graphic called “ A tidy hour” in inspiration. If your abode is particularly dirty then I would use that model rather than just ten minutes. I use the ten minutes to just declutter and pick a few things up. It rejuvenates me and gets me ready for more work.
Liam F.
No, I have three cats and one two years old baby and every day i use vacuum(three rooms) and i have to wash dishes and clothes and i go to work, so I don’t clean home on work days and when i have free day it’s so much to do and it’ll take so much time, maybe a one or two hours least. I don’t know how to use time better
Olivia F.
I normally mess it up when I sleep, but luckily I haven’t been doing that. I think about 10 or 3 weeks is enough to keep your room/house clean
Charlie Z.
I usually do just a quick ten minute tidy. Every now and then I do a full clean of the house, but once I do that I just try to clean up after myself as I go and take a little time each day to pay extra attention to things. If that makes sense.
Αλεξάνδρα Τόπι N.
10 minutes for me to keep my house clean it's not that much to do some of the things yes it might be easier but not for the whole house
Silke X.
Sometimes it's enough and sometimes not … i have to clean my desk and use vacum cleaner and it may get long and i just tick the task in your app but it wasn't 10 minutes in real it was 30 or 1 hour
Josefine C.
I think 10 minutes is better than nothing. If you did nothing a day then your house would become a mess and you’d struggle to keep on top of things. However , if you clean for around 10 minutes it not only keeps your house clean but it can be a nice, calming way of taking your mind off something. Maybe some days if you get more time and your house is particularly messy that day you could clean for a little longer just so you can feel organised and relax about living in a clean and healthy space. To use your time better you could plan out cleaning sessions a week where you dedicate maybe an hour or so to really do a thorough deep clean.
Barbara P.
10 minutes 3 times a day helps me keep little messes from becoming big messes, it also forces me to clean as I go. Once you routinely use 10 minute tidying you realize where your messes come from. I deep clean my bathroom once a week but I spend 2-3 minutes shining and sparkling it every time I go in there. If I spend 10 minutes in my living room straightening the mail, folding blankets, fluffing pillows and removing clutter Then once a week I can dust vacuum and polish and my living room is clean. I have daily chores-tidy, weekly chores-dust and vacuum, monthly chores- declutter move furniture, wipe down walls and fingerprints and then yearly chores. Baseboards and windows.
Kylie O.
Yes, for me at least 10 minutes is enough time for me to pick up any drinks or leftover plates I have in my room. Along with this I’ll usually have around 5-6 minutes left in which I sweep my room.
Jen M N.
No, but it’s enough to prevent things from getting out of control and leading to overwhelm. In 10 minutes you can sort / put in or take out a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, do a ‘speed tidy’ of an area giving you grief, wipe down the bathroom, or whatever else you choose to focus on. I recommend checking out sources like Fly Lady, Learn Do Become, Clutterbug, The Minimal Mom, A Slob Comes Clean, The Minimalists, GoCleanCo, and some of Gretchen Rubin’s stuff. Like with everything, start small. Fly Lady’s mantra is “progress, not perfection”.
Diane Q.
if everyday, yes. Typically, I take 5 minutes to make my bed and organize my room and that makes me feel good about starting my day. However, some days I take more time like 20 minutes to vacuum and wash the dishes that built up throughout the week because I didn’t have time.
Mareike F.
I use the 10 minutes to clean different parts of the house, but only one at a time. For example, I clean my room one day, then the living room another day.
Tristan Z.
10 minutes is probably enough time to quickly clean your house. To use the time better, try to not make everything perfect, but make everything tidy enough to where you feel happy. You might also want to do the hard stuff first so everything else seems easy and worth while. 😁
Arabella P.
I think 10 minutes is enough. In the entire 24 hours we have every day, 10 minutes is nothing. That time allows me to tidy up some stray ends around my house and possibly do a quick deep clean of a certain area. My house/room is already very clean and organized, so it doesn’t need much tending too. Still, I believe that 10 minutes a day is enough to ensure that my space and area is tidy.
Vancl Ia A.
Actually I clean only my desk the evening. This is why it takes me only 10 minutes. I clean my apartment a little every day but I do a big clean 2 times a week.
Josephine Z.
I deep clean my home once a week. However, thru out the week i just kinda straighten up and tidy up. That’s what I use those 10mins for. Sometimes it takes a lil longer than 10mins but we gotta start somewhere right!!!
Benjamin Z.
Probably It would be more helpful to have more time, around 30 mins. But whilst cleaning everyday it is easy to clean up most things in 10 mins
Kristin Y.
No I don't think 10 mins is enough to keep my house clean at least .. I have 2 kids who like to mess it up. And they do it on the regular unfortunately. I need at least a half day every day 😕
Ingolf Y.
i don’t really clean the whole house. i just tidy the things i have used in that day. maybe like my desk and dishes in the sink! maybe i make my bed and clean the dinner table! <3
Emily G.
I actually only clean my room within that time since I still live with my family! I usually clean as I am going about my daily activities to help make cleaning easier later on.
Lorana Z.
I don't clean the whole house I just clean a part of the room or the whole room in 10 minutes and just like that in few day the house is as clean as a dimond.