What part of the house do you avoid cleaning the most?

Milka J.
I'm bad at doing dishes right away, taking out rubbish, and folding laundry. Anything that requires me to go downstairs or anything that will take too long bugs me.
Louise E.
you don’t have to workout, it’s not a must. But if you want to move your body do something light such as yoga, or go for a short walk. Remember exercise is supposed to be an act of self care, and not something you feel you should do. That’s why a self care night could be a good replacement idea, and when you feel like exercising again, you just go for it.
Jacqueline J.
I have a lot of bags with old things and things I have to find a place for in a corner, piling up. I think the most cluttered area is those bags that I avoid cleaning at all costs lol
Jessica F.
The place that NEEDS it the most. I'm a productive procrastinator so I will do whatever doesn't need to be done before whatever DOES need to be done
Robin E.
Anything that isn't at eye level, so skirting boards or the ceiling. Since I don't see it, I don't have any sense of urgency to have it cleaned, so I'll leave it as long as possible.