Any tips for getting a few loads of laundry during the week without forgetting to take clothes out of the washer and put in the dryer?

Willow A.
Setting timers on my phone really helps! I label them with what it is (Laundry) and set them for however long the wash cycle usually is. You can use the Clock app on your phone for timers!
Valeri I.
I made it a habit in my morning routine. To put a wash in the washing machine, I need to put the clean wash in the dryer, and to put the wet wash in the dryer, I need to take the dry wash out of the dryer. Then I fold the dry wash right away and put it back in the wardrobe, drawers bathroom and cupboards.

When I don’t have dirty laundry, I do the other steps anyway.

Good luck!😘

Helen T.
Try setting a reminder on your phone, I love talking to Google – just hit the voice button in the search bar and say "remind me to put the washing in the drier in 2 hours" and she'll set a reminder for you.
Anna F.
Multitasking. So there is an hour and a half for the laundry to be done? Let's do the dishes/let's cook lunch/hoover etc. Basically fill out the time between the laundry starting and the laundry finishing. But important to don't go over the time. If you go over the time while doing something especially something enjoyable, you are more likely to put off the laundry until you finish this other task, and then forget about it.
You could alternatively put the clothes in before you leave the house and when you come back you take them out straight away. This is ideal for longer trips, like 2-3 hours.
Jubeline N.
One thing that helps me is when I'm doing my laundry, I make sure I'm washing all of a certain article of clothing. I make sure that all my pairs of pants are in the wash, that way I can't leave the house without finishing my laundry.
Aimee P.
Put a load in the wash or dryer before bed, in the morning put another load on, when you get home after work fold and put away
Sofia X.
After the laundry is done in the washer, put it in the dryer right away. Then when it's done put it in the basket to fold the dried clothes. The key is to not wait to complete the next step.