How ofte do you clean your house?

Frieder R.
Everyday. Not thoroughly every single day but I always try and keep it clean, tidy and comfy. I love minimal and super clean spaces so when I only have 10 mins in a day i try and broom, dust the counters or declutter.
Robyn N.
Every. Single. Day!😘😂 Over the years I’ve learned that it’s easier to maintain a cleaned home than it is to clean a messy one from top to bottom. By just having a daily tidy up routine & a rotating cleaning schedule for everything that needs to be done it keeps the home from falling into such a state that it becomes hard to get it clean again & ensures it doesn’t take long for chores since they stay relatively tidy..I usually spend one to two hours max a day cleaning the house & once a season I’ll do one of the deeper cleans on larger appliances that do take more time (stoves/inside light fixtures/fridges/inside oven..those ones take some more time so I set aside a date to do then every 3rd month so they don’t get so grungy that it takes forever. Except the oven, I only spot clean as necessary & do a full cleaning cycle in the fall & spring.) Daily chores would be the quick stuff, like making beds, putting lost items where they belong, dishes, & general tidying of surfaces,sweeping, litters..just keeping it neat to the appearance. The actual cleaning schedule I rotate 1 to 2 different chores each day that get done once to twice a week so messes like stains/smells/dust won’t gather..but doing only a little means it doesn’t take all day to do but doing it daily with the housework means you always keep a clean house with minimal effort. My schedule would generally be dusting-disinfect surfaces-vacuum-mop-febreze curtains/couches-mirrors-stove top/range-microwave-tub/shower-toilets/sinks-empty garbages-laundry-sheets (sheets every Monday/1 load of laundry T-F-Sat..I find 1 load keeps it always done but I don’t do it all day for hours..frees up time on the same day) Once in a while I will notice something extra that will need a touch up, & will just jot down in my agenda on a day there’s nothing much going on..keeping an agenda is a must for checking off what needs to be done & when it was done last. Hopefully this helps give you some ideas!