How often should I clean my room?

Fabien Q.
everytime you can bc i don’t know if it’s just meant but i feel better when i clean my room me i always feel distracted and frustrated having a clean room makes u happier.

Aiden U.
Everyday. It doesn't have to be a deep clean, just 10 minutes of tidying up. This will help you wake up less stressed, have a fresh morning and amazing day.

Adam U.
I always clean my room . Not just my room but our entire house. I was taught by my parents that a clean place is really important . Even if your house is not really nice. You should treat your own place as your body.

H C.
I often sweep my room every day or every 1 day, because I keep 2 cats so I have to clean their litter boxes (I place one in the bathroom. If I don't clean it t least once evry one day, it will stink.)
My mom tries her best to sweep the other rooms everyday. It takes 30 mins to sweep or vacuum the entire apartment, so I only do that once a week. My mom and I mop the house once a week.
I clean my bathroom at lest once a week, sometimes twice a week.
I try to tidy my bed and desk , and the kitchen and living room many times everyday.
It takes a lot of effort and time just to keep the house tidy and clean enough. Not to mention the laundry, the dishes and dozens of unamed tasks just to keep things in their places and maintain the state of the house.