How to KEEP your house clean?

Tina A.
Routine is best, but as someone with chronic pain and fatigue, when I just can’t do that day’s work, I at least do five minutes of cleaning. I tell myself “at least five minutes, just five minutes” and I always manage that much, and usually end up doing more when momentum is going.
But truly, routine- dishes same time every day, bathroom and vacuum once a week, laundry days, deep clean monthly…put it in your calendar

Anna E.
I clean my home by picking up things off the floor, hoovering (occasionally) and spraying surfaces. I also make sure my bed and have water with me I like to have music in the background to motivate me

Thea F.
I usually start by making my bed because if your bed is made then you room already looks 10 times better. Then I just put everything on its place. You'll know where everything is