How do you get yourself motivated to clean?

Diana O.
I would think it would be fine to exercise before breakfast. In fact, I think it would be better before breakfast than right after, as your body wouldn’t be busy digesting food!
Katie Z.
Pick small easy tasks, put on your favorite music, no tv as you end up watching more then cleaning. I try to start super small, gather dirty dishes, empty trash. Things the only take s few minutes, usually the rest falls behind.
Ava Z.
Its usually so hard for me to clean my room and help my mom at my house with some chores, but I know that when I finish I would feel satisfied even if it’s not that big deal you feel great because not only your space looks nice, you feel nice. And what I think when I clean is this “its something you have to do to keep yourself in a great place and after that you always can do things that you like as a price” I always think it of that way. I hope this helped you 😉