What you clean daily and weekly?

Pat Y.
I do a good cleaning of my room weekly and a tidy up daily. I try to keep all of my surfaces clean and my floor cleared.
Mk N.
Daily: I wash the dishes, clean the counter tops, dust furniture and scrub the bathroom. Then mop all the floors.
Weekly: I do laundry .. iron then declutter my walldrope
Mathilde Y.
I usually clean the kitchen daily,because that's were I spend most of my time cooking or baking for my family,which is something which I enjoy doing. So it can get pretty messy lol so once I'm in the kitchen,its just chaos. I clean the whole house weekly but I feel like its the right thing to do,especially just to keep myself busy,while walking around and always standing,sweeping is pretty much an exercise which I think is good for me than to sit around the house the whole day,but only weekely.