What is your strategy to keep the house clean.

Elizabeth F.
My strategy is to be more productive and energized. You see I'm only a 16 year old and I help my mom clean the house. But if you need a strategy, my suggestion is and I've grown being told if you set your mind to it then there is no way it won't get done.
Martina P.
Every day I clean house. Like washing the dishes and that small stuff. But big cleaning like moping the floor or vacuum cleaning or washing the windows, I do that every few weeks, because I live here by myself most of the times, so it's not dirty at all, most of the times.
Johura O.
Wash up after yourself everytime. Have a set time of when your house is tidy by. Keep disposable wipes around to wipe things down.
Olivia E.
well honestly some days are better than others. it’s not always going to be clean and tidy. so first accepting that it’s okay if it’s not perfect is a good thing.

usually I just do small and simple tasks every day and it doesn’t feel like such and over bearing load.

doing it all at once can be very overwhelming.