How do you keep things nice and tidy when you’re not motivated?

Antonio Y.
I never used to, I was so lazy and had no routine! This is why I’m using the app and changing my ways! Best way to get motivated is to start making little changes that will get you started! I noticed the difference by just making my bed every morning!

Lauren P.
I always try to keep a notion of leaving things neat and tidy after use, so that the next person using it would have a less intense visual and be relaxed (mental health is a real issue); also educating the same to whoever I encounter. That way, it becomes a habit and you are obligated to do so involuntarily. I believe it leaves a good impression on yourself from other’s perspectives as well.

Walburga Z.
I find that whenever I’m not motivated to clean I’m not motivated to much more than watch tv but let’s be real cleaning always feels more fulfilling then sitting around all day. So with that in mind turn in the music and dance your way to clean and happy!

Emily T.
I put my headphones in and I just start, little by little the music takes over and the body just keeps going. Music is uplifting and motivates the mind by stimulating your brain. Listen to some of your favorite music whenever you need to stay focused and give yourself a boost to start the tasks

Meike Q.
There’s no easy answer here. Some days, you’ll feel rotten or depressed, or even sick. The best way to proceed on the days where you hate life, and everyone is different in their circumstances, but on really bad days, my suggestion is to just take the day off and reflect on why you’re feeling blue. Maybe don’t think about it at all, and watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk. The next day you’ll find yourself recharged to do your routine.

Charlie Q.
You make the choice to keep things tidy in advance. For me, I remember when in college I made the choice to always keep my room tidy no matter what – and ever since that decision, I nearly always make my bed, put my clothes away, and put things back where they belong. There’s no other option, it’s just things I do. So make that choice now, and when you’re not motivated there won’t be a decision to make, since you already made it before. No matter how tired or sad or upset you are, your body will do it!!

L Rke Z.
I really try to adhere to just 10 minutes of tidying, especially when I’m not motivated. In those times i really focus on a specific area, like a table or a shelf, that has the most visible clutter on it. Five minutes in, I see a big difference and it starts to help

Arron W.
I’ve been trying to do a little bit every time I get up. Throw my covers back up to make my bed. Maybe that’s the best I do that day, or maybe I come back to make it nicely. Or when I get up to go to/through the kitchen grabbing a few dishes or bits of trash, or for me to pick up the dirty laundry and toss it in the machine when I walk by. It helps it looking tidy and makes me feel more motivated for when I do decide to clean more

Tyrone L.
If I’m not motivated then I’m definitely not trying to be tidy. However I try to keep things very minimal and stack items to make more space.

Klaus Peter O.
if there’s something i know i don't wanna put away, but should i set it on my bed. either stuff accumulates on my bed and at night i will quickly put it all up so i can sleep later, or while taking it to my bed, i’ll just put it away for real

Claude S.
I always put a timer of 10 minutes and clean up either very early in the morning right after I get out of bed – this wakes up your body and mind! Or right before going to bed and you’ll be glad to be able to wake up to a beautifully tidy room in the morning. 🙂