What are some effective ways that you organize your things?

Wendell G.
when I wake up in the morning, I like to organize things and feel the energy of having everything done. It’s in my ritual, and always have things to organize. After a long time doing this, I feel like it’s a automatic habit.
Noah W.
Reduce as much as possible. Less stuff equals less to organize. Don't keep old jeans – they will go out of style and seeing them just makes you feel bad. Do you need every kitchen gadget? Nope. Keep the ones that do the most work for you and sell or donate the rest. I had a blender for 10 years and only used it once. Now if I need one I just borrow from a friend. I do use my stand mixer regularly and it's a big appliance but I keep it in the cabinet so the counters are clear… there's room because we only have 2 pots and 3 pans instead of every size – family of 5 in a 1500sqft home. Less stuff. Less to worry about!
Kristal P.
To be honest, I’m still learning to organize. I had my son in 2019 and because it had been years since I had a child completely dependent on me, it has been very difficult for me to “bounce back.” I’m taking steps now while he naps. His nap schedule has become more consistent, so it gives me room to organize and do what I have to do.
I’m learning to be more disciplined and consistent with myself and self care.