What should I do to clean?

Z Beyda N.
Tbh i’m not really sure about this question, but if you feel too lazy to clean your room/home up, I’m gonna tell you what i do.

So basically, i open my favorite playlist and challenge myself to do something till next song ends. For example, i have to wash dishes before next 3 songs end. My speed obviously increases xD it’s challenge after all. And when you complete your tasks on given time, you feel proud.

Well, i’m not sure if it will work for you, but it works for me. At least, it makes cleaning more bearable.

Yasmine U.
Planning is everything… lay down a plan on friday before the week starts and give a small task every day . Also, everytime u notice something needs to be cleaned, write it down in a list and make sure to incorporate it in your next clean for next week
Brayden I.
Touchpoint's cleaning
Light switches
Door handles
Window cleaning
Vaccum the floors 5 days a week
Mop the kitchens and the toilets 4 days a week
I love cleaning at work or at home because u can listen to mixed music on YouTube Melbourne radio stations or Spotify