What do you do if there’s nothing for you to clean?

Keith E.
Hi) There could be different options depending on my wishes: 1) I can just relax and enjoy of doing nothing; 2) I can improve something in my home; 3) I can find a few things which I do not need anymore or which I don’t like and throw them into trash.

Gerlind S.
There is always something to clean in my house, however if everything was perfect, I would organize my closet or deep clean the windows and wipe out shelves.

Nicklas E.
If there’s nothing to clean then I focus on tidying and reorganizing. Cleaning for me means I’m getting my hands dirty: washing dishes, scrubbing the shower, rinsing the toilet etc. but tidying and organizing can never be finished. Placing clothes that might very well be clean and folded, back into their color-coded position, or spending time with my planner to organize the coming week, there’s always something that can be done

Mathias G.
If there is nothing to clean, I would look for ways to make your space more efficient. Maybe you try out a new orientation for your houseplants, or improve the feng shui of your space.

Georgia E.
You can be on your phone for a little while talk to a friend go on a walk. There’s a lot of you think about. You could bake , you could cook a meal if you don’t already.