What can i do when i have very busy weeks and no time to clean at all for days, so then its a huge huge mess i have to deal with?

Rodney N.
Hey dude, you have to wake up earlier then usual, this way, you’ll gain 1 or 2 more hours for day, 7 or 14 hours more per week! I hope you understand my English, iam learning yet! Bye
Pawel O.
Hey, I think if you put everything back at it’s place right after you used it, it won’t take that much time and you will have a clean house but if it’s too late for that only one hour will do good, start with your clothes on hangers then wash the dishes put some music it would be really relaxing!!
Creusa Z.
Start with the kitchen sink….wash the dishes or empty and then fill dishwasher. Set the timer for just 10 minutes. And then beat it. Move along the bench top clearing and putting away. For a room, place a hoop or similar over an area and just do that area. Seeing clear spaces motivates for more clear spaces.