What di you think about minimalism?

Ingrid F.
I would love to be more minimalistic. I'm currently in the process of cleaning the house, and i'm trowing a lot of stuff away or donating. I think less stuff makes it more peaceful in your house and in your mind.
Rainforest N.
(If your talking about the style) I love it! My entire bedroom and a lot of my house is themed around it
(If your talking about something else I sincerely apologise as this won’t be useful 😂)
Michelle U.
It's economical and humbling. It prevents us from being impulsive regarding purchase. And to live for our own instead for others. It's an all round good way of living. Though wabi sabi is more good way of living compared to minimalistic lifestyle
Vanessa N.
I wish I had more minimalism in my life. Not having so much clutter makes my heart happy it's just hard getting the motivation to do it bc of my adhd.
Victoria A.
I believe it is a great way to make sure you do not have unnecessary things in your life that may be a burden and can help to make life feel simpler which can be very beneficial
Landon Y.
I think minimalism is pretty cool like clothes or room. I wear minimalistic clothes, but I couldnt live in minimalistic room ! Its missing something for me!💗
Marie E.
I would love to live that simply but I do like to have some stuff! I also like to see the things I have or I forget them
R My Q.
Certainly better than living for stuff. It frees you up for doing other things with your life than living for constant consumption
Kiersten N.
I think minimalism is a good thing, and something that I eventually strive for. I find that with minimalism comes less stress, less cleaning, more opportunities to get out and less holding you back. It’s something I’d like to work towards because I am quite the opposite of a minimalist at the moment. Every week I’m cleaning, something different, or battling with my laundry, because I have so many clothes, and although I do like how I’ve decorated everything, I’m always dusting. One of my dreams is to take a road trip for about a year longer so around the country. I think minimalism gives you that freedom a little easier.
Manuel O.
Minimalism, simply means , going with the flow , not being extra just what's needed, taking your life slow , being relaxed not showing off , just doing what's necessary, buying what's the most important at that moment, but remembering that you don't need to change yourself for this , you just need to think wisely.
Jeni O.
It’s a nice thing to not thing that big and to like small things ore to be organised, sometimes it’s good to think like that
Bertram W.
Minimalism is good, helps to relax and brings to a state of calmness and composure. In the meantime it's not always appropriate
Sheila U.
First of all you have mistake in the question, it should be do not di, but that is okay and funny at the same time;) what do I think about minimalism? That is tough one for me. I always loved bunch of colourful and strange, comfy things around me, bcs it made me feel safe. On the other hand I always loved nature and simple, balnced Life. So I think it is really good for your life, if you have it balanced, like you have some things simple and clear and you dont have to have plenty of them.
Jasmina E.
I think minimalism is good in someways. It can help simplify life and help you keep it organized. One negative thing about minimalism in my opinion is that there is not any sense of adventure. Always following the same simplistic lifestyle can get boring.
Antonio O.
It's good in moderation. Basically, if you have all you need verses all that you ever could want, you'll have less material items weighing you down, giving you more easy access to progress and move through life. Thinking about how some may decide to buy storage units to hold things they no longer need but pay 100s of dollars to keep them. In reality, those things weigh them down; financially and emotionally. To practice the art of letting go is what has brought me closer to finding who I truly want to be and where I truly want to go in life. There's no need to join a fad of buying only furniture that convert to other things just to have minimal space used though. Find out what furniture you actually need, if that one is not working for you return it and find a more suitable piece. You don't need to abandon hobbies to have less things. You can maintain hobbies while reducing on other things that no longer serve your purpose. Because there is one, and you are already living in it. Cheers.
Baqui Z.
Minimalism, although being one of my favorite style for designment, it's a perfect way to have a organized office, or anywhere you work or being concentrated.
Aymeric W.
Я не люблю минимализм, он кажется мне пустым, лживым и искуственным. В нём нет жизни, он как будто мёртв, очень холоден, в нём неуютно. Я считаю вместо минимализма нужно просто держать порядок или использовать чуть более интересные и насыщенные цвета
Ioannis X.
A person should always request and work harder for the best,and refuse to get anything less than that,so if you can do better and reach the maximum level of GOOD THINGS, then do it.
Franka X.
I think it is quite extreme as a type of style, then again there are some people who enjoy it but it's kind of lonely in my opinion.
Celestia Z.
no<3 I mean yeah, maybe it looks cute but that's for only a little while and personally I feel filling your house with things makes it feel more like a home? like minimalist houses look soulless tbh… other than that about like minimalist designs on stuff yeah I think it's really cool it looks really good as well… plus minimalism could never be me cuz I'm too emotially attached to everything around me so I could never throw anything away lol
Pamela Z.
When you have problems with find items that work for you, it is impossible to live minimalism life because when you find something that works you need back-up or you may have to pay triple the price later.
Jennifer U.
It’s a good way to focus on what you have rather than what you don’t. Using the resources you have and then you will realize how much you actually have and what you value. Something I’d like to move closer to.
Anna P.
The first and probably the most important benefit of living a minimalist life is being free of financial stress and saving more money. Without the desire to buy useless things, you can save money for something valuable in the long run. You can spend money more on things that truly make you happy.
When you live as a minimalist, you strive to only use things that serve a purpose. It's about living
the life to the fullest.
Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life's excess in favor of focusing on what's important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.
Gene X.
Minimalism is totaly okay! You can be who you want and like what you want. Always remember to belive in yourself and you will win every fight in life! You are successful, beautiful and healthy, be sure with that. Be who you are not who the world want you to be!!!
Cynthia E.
Not really for me, being extra is just part of who I am. In everything I do. However if I could learn not to let it disrupt my life or make it harder than it already is that would be great. I have too much stuff, I catastrophise a lot that is something I have been really working on. But I've got bigger fish to fry right now.
Silva F.
It is a good concept because you make your sorrounding as simple as you can so your mind can be more relaxed when you are in the minimalist place
Rishika T.
I actually quite like Minimalism, honestly it helps when you have a clean and decluttered space. It can literally be applied anywhere whether it's your room, your entire home, your office, study, or even how you arrange your phone. Some might feel there's less creativity around the concept of minimalism, but to look at the broader side it actually helps promote creativity within yourself. 🙂
Celeste P.
From research seems like a good idea and a healthy, disciplined lifestyle. I'm interested & thinking about trying it. Feel it helps mental & money wise: m&m.
Melvin J.
creo que es una manera de darnos cuenta de que no necesitamos tanto a lo material para vivir sino lo justo y necesario, ademas es ecológico
Felix W.
I mean I think that it's good because it means you can live without more things. Maybe you could save money by doing this too and live a better lifestyle without a lot of unnecessary things.
Sofie C.
It reduces the amount of pressure of desire to go back to the habit, currently trying to stop……because with minimal reduction in every action practice produces good results.
Solovieva Y.
I think minimalism is not for me. I love diversity of this world, I like different clothes, meal, interior iteams and other things. But I really respect this idea, it's carefullness about ecology, productivity and etc. I think I'll come to minimalism someday. But not today
Hilary F.
When you live as a minimalist, you strive to only use things that serve a purpose. It's about living simply and having only what you need to go about your daily life. For instance, some people may start a no-spend challenge or only fill their home with items they absolutely need.
Jayla N.
Minimalism is hard work. Closing all the tabs on a browser, admitting to yourself that closet space is more important than holding onto that project you will probably never finish, cutting ties with mentos of the past, saying no to something cute to brighten up a room, and culling your wardrobe are the opposite of fun.
Lack of clutter is freeing. Getting there is a process.
Start with one space. It’s hard to keep up everywhere.
Darrell U.
I think that minimalism should be taken as a positive sign as even if we are lazy in life we should learn to overcome our laziness and start or make oneself a better person by focusing on their negative side to develop into positive one
Cindy Z.
It generally depends on the topic. If it's about personal effects I can understand it in a sense, and for furniture I can see the appeal.
Melany F.
I find it calming. It helps you focus on what’s truly important to you. Minimalism in my head is all about an uncluttered mind in the end.
Magnus P.
I really like this style. Actually, my room is based on minimalism, so… If someone gave me a choice between minimalism and re-combination, I would choose minimalism because it is closer to me as a person, but some, for example, rooms that are re-combined are also very nice.
Alma Q.
True minimalism helps you declutter your life , your mind and have more time energy on things that more matter to you, to begin minimalism you should begin with the things properties in your life that were essential to you in past 12 months , and then get rid of things that you think they're essential but you didn't use them over a year or more
Janina O.
It is better way to show our inner heart to our brain. We are complicated beings something simple things define us and calm us down. According to me it is a way to heart and inner peace
Lilly F.
I prefer it. Too many things clutter my space and thus my mind. A cluttered mind leads to stress and anxiety. Anxiety leads to undesirable behaviours which I am barely able to stop. Some days (usually at night), I cannot stop them at all.
Kieron Q.
I believe it helps to declutter your home and can help with decluttering your mind.
I don't however that it or anything else should be taken to the extreme.
Rasmus P.
I think it's more of going out of my comfort zone for me and try to build a new healthy habits for me and people around me
Adam Z.
in some ways, it’s good, such as winding down and taking things easy, and in some ways, it can be seen as not doing your best
Marizete Z.
It is basically cutting out the clutter and living with just what we need rather than the things we want. I think it is a good lifestyle, and should be kept in mind when making big life decisions.
Jen F.
Currently on my journey to have the mindset that “less is more”. Minimalism makes me think of elegance; avoiding things that in reality we don’t really need.
Dianne T.
Minimalist look is very appealing. For many it is a great way to live. Personally I find it too bare. I'm eclectic in nature and love to have stuff on show. That said a bit of minimalism helps to keep things under control lol.
Liz C.
I like it. Living simply but not too simply. At the moment, I have almost 4 year old twins, so minimalism isn't really possible with all their toys, but soon enough, it's how I would prefer to live. It's also less to clean 😉 I'm not a trinket kind of person.
Lydia N.
I believe minimalism is beautiful. It allows simplicity to be beautiful. It’s not tiring to the eye and it’s always an aesthetic concept I go back to whenever I think of interior design and style..
Jimmie T.
I think if someone doesn't have much living space adopting this can be incredibly helpful in creating a neat environment around themselves. I tried the KonMari techniques, which in my case resulted in diminishing my wardrobe by approx. two thirds, so I can definitely see the appeal of having little possessions. That being said, I also think this shouldn't come at the expense of the soon-to-be minimalist person loosing things they genuinely love and will miss – say, a mug collection, however big it may be. All in all, I think it's great for people who need/want it, but it should be done mindfully so as not to bring pain
Maria A.
A minimalistic attitude is the way of living in which you are happy in what you have ni matter how less or more you want this have it is definitely good for peace of mind, but kind a bit not for the society or human development so my belief is calm and composed development in life
Livia E.
It is a good way to keep things/life in a simple and manageable way. I think it also helps with keeping you environment, living space and you form feeling clustered and overwhelming. It help to promote good work ethic when it comes to achieving the goals that you set out to accomplished.
Milton T.
i think its pretty cool. I still prefer places and apps that aren't mininalist cause i think that when you dont apply the minimalist style, you can be more creative and create really nice things
Luna N.
I think of minimalism as something I would love to strive for. I wish badly I could be minimalist while still enjoying my pleasures freely. It’s a lifestyle that frees one of worldly desires and possessions and puts one in a sense of release. I hope to achieve a minimalist lifestyle someday, and I strive daily to get there.
Willard Y.
Being a minimalist means you value yourself more than material things. It means making decisions based on what you need instead of getting everything you want. It does not mean the things you buy are cheap. It means they are something you need, regardless of how much they cost.
Jordan C.
It’s a good way to feel proud for the things you have worked hard for. The few things that mean more, the better you mentally feel about it in my opinion. For example, my bench I use to workout. I look at it everyday with happiness. I’d rather not have a bunch of things I don’t need.
Caelan O.
Honestly fellow member, I don’t really know, Minimalism is a bit of a more complex subject that can be hard to understand sometimes but personally I think that minimalism is expression
Elijah T.
I think that less material/crowded helps with stress. Also, I think that having only things that bring you joy is a good philosophy to live by.
Carol E.
I believe minimalism is better than materialism. You minimize the amount of descisions and brainpower you make/use each day. It helps prevent you from becoming a junk hoarder.
Helen F.
I love the idea of it as less 'stuff' means keeping things simple, which is something I try to live by, however the reality is that my house and life is far from being minimalist!
Violet N.
I think that it's great 👍. I like minimalism, 'cause you don't have to buy all those things. I can't explain very good. Sorry.
Tobias W.
I think minimalism is the usage of a few elements in a simple way to create or develop sth. e.g. in composing a piece of music, when you compose that with a few number of notes and chords, and you don’t make it very noisy, you make a minimalist piece of music. It’s also a kind of lifestyle that is based on thrifting, and against consumerism.
Benjamin P.
I think if you wanna live that life style than that is perfectly fine but I personally like to have something I know is mime and that
Douglas U.
While I personally don't "follow" minimalism (sotospeak), it's got some good ideas to it that I keep in mind when it comes to my home and the spaces I occupy the most in my day-to-day life. I don't really understand why some people seem to hate it so much.
Todd W.
I think style is subjective~ minimalism brings joy, clarity, and organization to some people, but for many, minimalism is a chance to “reset” while they figure out their true style or vibe. Personally, I wanted to achieve the minimalistic vibe in my room and wardrobe, however soon after I achieved that, I found myself learning a lot more about my likes and dislikes unrelated to minimalism, and now my space and closet are filled with things that reflect me better~ I feel much more at peace and I experience more clarity in this new space than I ever did in my old one, and the colors and textures make me happier. I could never go back, but I understand that some people thrive in those spaces.
Zoeh X.
I think minimalism sounds like a good idea but in practice it can be super hard to know where to start and to let go of everything you have . Getting rid of the visual clutter actually sets you free from the clutter in your mind so you can be more creative .so it definately is worth pursuing
Emma N.
Minimalism is a great way to have a more direct experience. By simplifying things, you can reduce clutter and confusion, which allows you to have a clearer view of what is important.
Tyller C.
I like it because it helps make me feel like atleast something in life can feel simple and straight forward. My life is always so busy, confusing, and full of rushing to the next thing, that coming home to a minimalistic setting helps me remember life doesn't have to always be so hectic.
Skylar G.
I think for some it can help them clear there mind so they can focus more on important tasks with out focusing on the clutter.
(Thank you for asking)
Alex F.
Well it really depends on a particular topic for example if you're talking about minimalism with mental health then I would say it can be very helpful sometimes as minimalists usually have less stress and they tend to be more happy, if maybe you elaborate what topic you would like to know about then maybe I would be able to give a good answer. Have an amazing day/evening /night 🙂
Crow N.
I think minimalism is quite silly, I mean, the idea of it can look very pretty, but minimalistic spaces hardly look LIVED in, there’s no knickknacks indicating you like dnd, or dragons, there’s no fun magnets on the fridge door keeping all your doodles nice and safe, there’s no indication of really anything really just the basics.

Having the things around me that make me happy is really comforting, and even if it gets messy sometimes I can still always just take some time out of my day to neaten it

Lia Z.
I think minimalism is better because it creates a better focus , rather than piling up things, there's less and less is better. The quality and sense of peace it gives it top tier.
Emily J.
Minimalism seems like a tidy and neat thing, but I struggle with it. I would love to be more minimalist but I feel like it would be more difficult because I like to have multiple things that I don’t need. I prefer to have a large wardrobe and plenty of different things to do in my free time.
Maritis G.
Minimalism is to use the less possible feeling enough, it means that only with yourself you will feel enough, you do not need excessive material things to be complete. Only with what you need and are is enough.
Andreas Z.
Minimalism is a simpler way of life. Instead of focusing to obtain and acquire many materials to hold on, it would be better to have lesser and simpler choice everytime I need to decide. I do sometimes hate the "burden of choice" because it effect my mental thinking I can do better choice, instead of sticking to choice I have made.
Oxana Z.
I can understand if someone just doesn't have it in them to do something to their full extent. But if you just do the minimum of something and never put in effort it'll only be more work later and it won't be as gratifying.
Elias W.
Mini things are cute but they have no other use and can be choking hazard, but in another perspective they are wonderful decorations.
Deanna S.
Im sorry but i don tknow what minimalism neans but i think it means when people make other people feel smaller like feel like they can't do anything and feel that they are bad at it so i feel that minimalism isnt a good thing
Jellico N.
I grew up in Japan. I love how interior spaces can be altered by the artful addition of a scroll or two flowers on a ledge. The clean simplicity of tatami floor combined with white papered doors is calming. Even the smell of fresh tatami floors clears my mind. Clutter is the universal enemy. It’s a true discipline to know enough from surplus.
Daniela P.
I love the concept, and personally am trying to cut down on my belongings. I do think it can be extreme in some cases, but I find the idea helpful in decluttering. Good luck 🙂
Danielle G.
I believe minimalism can be good for your mental health as in letting go of so much material attachments, now i dont endorse it since i believe the decorations are signs of a person's soul and inspirations
Tim T.
minimalism promotes conscious decision-making about belongings, time, energy, and relationships and so i think it is a good and positive thinking
Elmar X.
I think it's good because if I make something too complicated, then in the later times I'll just get bored at it or it will just remind me on how hard will the next one be. My Idol is Steve Jobs, even though I'll never be like him, I do agree with one of his vision. Steve Jobs rather woulf adore and make something simple than make something that's overlycomplicated. If I make something simple, then in later time I'll just look at it and encourage myself that I can make another one.
Jared Z.
It is great thing, I have found that being minimalistic can really reduce stress and focus on the things that matter…like for example I had alot of items on my night stand and they would really make me anxious and stressed and sometimes I spent alot of time looking for something that was right before my eyes the entire time but due to the fact that my night stand was a mess, I couldn't find things. I also think think that being minimalistic in your thoughts kinda helps with being focused and less stressed. Hope that helped and hopefully I answered your question
Ewald F.
I think it is good(Until some point 😁) cause we are constantly receiving to many information these days that makes us(me at least) overwhelmed.
Hannah W.
Minimalism is a good concept to me but i don’t think i’m very good at it because i hold sentimental value in a lot of things but also i have a hard time getting rid of even pointless things i shouldn’t keep. i try to purge my things every once in a while but i’m not very good at it most of the time
Lilly U.
I like it. It prevents distractions and keeps my mind at peace. I personally get overwhelmed by clutter so minimalism is the best solution for me. I recently downloaded a minimalist app which removes all the colourful widgets and icons from my phone and just makes my phone show a list of all my apps. This has really helped me with my phone addiction and I don't impulsively click on very distracting apps/notifs anymore.
Alicia W.
I think minimalism in the decor settings/home sense is nice. Ive noticed if you have more things its hard to keep the house tidy and free of "clutter"
Avery Z.
Minimalism is nice to say the least. It makes your house look less cluttered and makes someone feel less stress. It will also help save money since you won't buy anything unless you plan on using it for a long time.
𝓩𝓪𝓻𝓪 𝓝𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓼 N.
I don't know what that is fully but I looked it up and I LOVE art it's amazing! No matter what kind of art I love it I'm a Dragon puppeteer myself I love art it's amazing
Rosa G.
I think it can be good and bad if you use it right because when it's about your health you shouldn't minimalise but when it's about your bad habits or so you should minimilise as many as you can
Ace J.
I think it’s him can be great, but sometimes we just need other things to express ourselves, and sometimes more is better than a little
Alexandre Q.
I think minimalism is very good for a healthy mindset. An clean room means a healthy mind! If you do want to become minimalistic, here is my advice (from a past maximalist):
Start small, set small goals in order to remove clutter from your life.
Keep anything of significant worth and value
Clothes- donate anything you don't wear, dislike, or the ones that don't fit.
Celebrate your victories! If you donate 10 things this week, do something you enjoy as a reward.
Rewards mean consistency.
If you set goals and stick to them, you will begin to form a positive habit that you have control over.
By decluttering, you will have space to change your life and create a better space to live in.
Relaxation is the key to a healthy lifestyle!
I hope this has helped you out! Good luck on your journey! 🙂
Connie U.
Minimalism is great to keep with clean you thr house, and I have problem with that because everything that i try to get rid of miningful for me in some kind of way
Sergei J.
El minimalismo piensa en todo y en todos, desde la iluminacion a la funcionalidad de las cosas. En los estimulos del ser humano, luz blanca para concentrarse y luz calida o natural para relajarse. Muchos salen de deudas, depresion, y acumulacion gracias al minimalismo.
Darlene J.
Well I am a big fan of minimalism i personally prefer more simple and little things then big and messy things❣️ That doesn't mean that everyone and everything around me is perfect.I don't really like changes so for me something like this is really important I hope in the future I can be more open about changes and the stuff around me that always changes
Celina Z.
I like the idea of it, how ever as an artist and quite a sentamental person I like to fill my space with things that inspire me and remind me of those who love me
Mattie Z.
The more I do these lesson the more I gain in respect from myself and others and the more I do these lesson the more I learn about how to Handel everyday stress and situations that my arise from time to time.
Haylee L.
So it's a great goal but it's actually kind of hard for me to do so that's why I choose something else that that is a sleep goal so I actually really like that goal and it's actually kind of really easy that's why I gotta sleep goal and I will make better habits when I'm that I have That helps a lot
Menna U.
It is a great way to reduce costs, anxiety and crowd in your life ..also makes u more focused , grateful 🙏 and full with whatever u have .. a great way to appreciate what we have .💕
Natalia Z.
I believe that it would help you a whole lot because you can be more organized and concentrated on that one goal comparing to focusing on other goals and that would make you feel overwhelmed
Taylor O.
The clean habit has really helped me to just keep on the scheduled routine intimate clutter and just free my mind and my life is obstacles
Cookie W.
I think it's a great wat to get yourself situated and organized. If your thinking about having a minimalism life style, I SAY GOOO FOR IT!!
Pozx Y.
I think the concept of minimalism is exactly what society should be adopting and necessary for everyone who lives in a society where value is judged on the amount of stuff we have. I think it’s something which should be encouraged from a young age and from the perspective of how we can actively contribute to the environment and our planet.
Eden A.
I'm not much of a fan of minimalism honestly. I like having lots and lots of things, that way if someone need something I have it. I also like to have little knick knacks everywhere. I bring little plastic bugs with me in my wallet.
Sula S.
I think that in some circumstances, minimalism is beneficial but not always. Recently, it has become a trend, which can cause people to strip down parts of their life in terms of aesthetic or an ideal lifestyle. Sometimes it is beneficial though, because it can lead people to cut out clutter, unnecessary or unorganized habits, and other things from life. It might let people focus on priorities and the most important parts of life, whether that be sentimental objects, lifestyle choices, habits, etc.
Caleb E.
I had to move recently on short notice, and was only able to take a small amount of my things. Between that and spending time in physical therapy after a car accident I learned what I truly value. I do try and keep the excess at bay, to various degrees.
Princesssparkle64 N.
Minimalism for me, it means to be more grateful and appreciative for what you have right now. This style of life will teach you to be more focused on accomplishing your goals because when you are not minimalistic you will loose your focus and start thinking on temptation and all that stuff. So, keep it simple and be more grateful 🥰
Jordan J.
I think minimalism is great. I think we should all aim to learn to be satisfied with less. That being said, I'm not a minimalist but I do think "less is more"
Dinis I.
I think minimalism can have it’s benefits, but it’s important that you have balance, often less is more but you don’t want to push yourself outside your comfort zone to quickly, slowly downsizing on your stuff is a good way to discover what you really need and what is important to you.
Angela F.
I love it, personally. But, I have several conditions which are much worse for me if I dont maintain a certain level of minimal belongings, minimal societal influence and garbage that ces with society, minimal chaos, and minimal clutter around me in my environment without having undo stress from it all
Oswald U.
It's boring 😅 it may help with an easier space to clean but it's best to do an even 50/50 on maximalist and minimalist! We only get one life that we know of for sure 🙂 enjoy it!
Misty E.
Good Afternoon fellow Fabulous User,

Minmalism helps with tranquility, after all, in order to feel relaxed and achieve soem peace , minimalism will help you to not worry no more about other thigbs and focus on the main ones. So yes , i think minamalism is great.

With all due respect, sometimes minamilism can be hard to achieve, i just hope that if thats your goal, do not give up!

Your fellow Fabulous User

Kingbeanzz N.
The thought of minimalism to me is the absence of taking up space. I believe you are supposed to take up space in life , to minimize is to only have. Or acquire what is needed and maybe leave no room for beautiful things u like just bc you don’t need them
Lilly O.
well, honestly i don’t love it. this is going to sound bratty but i love stuff. it’s so satisfying to buy something with hard earned money and you get something you want
Radoslav G.
I started following The Minimalists a few months ago. Their Philosophy helped me to let go things and free up so much time I can use for my own creative projects now.
Lilly O.
that’s a great question! personally i don’t love the minimalist style. it’s just not for me. i like having a lot of stuff (not in a spoiled way) and having it all organized
Roxanne Y.
I actually wish I could figure out how to live that way. It seems like it would be so much easier and those I know that live that way seem much more regulated.