What’s the first thing to clean?

Natalia G.
Start with rubbish. Go around your home with a garbage back and throw away things that need to be gone. It will make a visual difference and get you going.
Amnaalharrasi N.
It depends!
I think the bed room should the place that you should start with as it is the place you will rest in. Followed by the kitchen then living room. Later the bathrooms and finally any other place. Focus in the cleaning and collect what I want to organize for later if you don’t have the time.
Darryl S.
I ate cleaning…… I really do so the most efficient way I found is to go in the room you have to clean and bring a basket with you. Bring also the Vacuum , Mop, 2 microfiber rags and a window cleaner and an all purpose cleaner. Starting from the left working clockwise, pick up everything that does not belong in there and put everything back where it belongs on put the stuff that belongs on the desks on the floor for now. Wipe all surfaces clean again clockwise . Clean glass/windows.Put everything back on the surfaces Vacuum and mop! This can easily be done as a 15 minutes speed cleaning!!! Try it !!!