I dunno if this is related, but how do you clean a bathtub?

Lieschen F.
Get some bathroom cleaner and a sponge, spray the cleaner and let it sit for a while. Then scrub with the sponge and then rinse with water
Kenzi A.
You clean a bathtub by using a sponge and a good germ killer for your tub you spray or spill on any place of the bathtub then you scrub and rinse.
Christine G.
I find that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge and plain water work really well to get soap scum and mineral deposits off tubs, showers, and sinks. They make a heavy duty sponge that won't fall apart as quickly when scrubbing. Test it in a small area first to make sure it won't scratch or damage the finish. Then put on some shorts, climb in, wet the sponge, and get scrubbing! After you get the scum off, I'd use a Scrubbing Bubbles foam spray once a week to keep it clean. Get one with bleach if you have trouble with mold; or else go for a brand that tackles mineral deposits, if you have that challenge. If you use the shower or tub daily, fill a spray bottle with straight white vinegar (just the kitchen/cooking kind, it comes in gallons), and spray everything after you're done. It's non-toxic, and won't make the surface slippery the next time you get in. Daily use of vinegar will help keep mold at bay, and will help keep the minerals or soap scum from building up. If you don't like the smell of vinegar (though trust me, you'll get used to it for a clean tub!), try adding about 20 drops of essential oil, like lemon and lavender, to your large spray bottle (fewer drops for a smaller bottle). Good luck!!!
Reza P.
I use special detergent for bathtub . I first rinse it without and then add the detergent then wash again . These days i also wipe the whole thing with disinfectant afterward
Ma Lys W.
i clean the bathtub by slowly scrubbing every inch of the tub, the spaying all it the stuff off then i get bleach and i let it sit in there for a while then rinse it
Cl Mentine Y.
I will take economic cleaning fluid i dont know how to say it in english any way id pour it on the bathtub and rub it all with a scotch then ill put soup and flush it all away
Lyna Y.
Man it’s gross but use mr bubbles and scrub down the whole shower then rinse then do another layer do Lysol all over and repeat until it looks white.
Brandy Y.
In or to get great results while cleaning a bathtub.I always spray my solution than let it sit for a hour or two come back rinse with water.Make sure it’s Hot water.
Marguerite Z.
Oah, well. You first get one scoop of detergent and you scrubber. You wash the whole tub with all that soap. Then you dry everything off with a microfabric towel. Then you get your zonrox, put on cap of that concentrated stuff in a container(spray bottle is preferred) then fill the rest of the bottle with water. Give it a good shake. Then spray the whole tub with that. Let it set for a min. Then wipe it all off. Then you get lemon or calamansi and some baking powder. One lemon to one spoon of baking powder to one cup of hot water. Then mix. And place a generous solution on the harsh stains of the tub. Leave it for an hour. Then wash it off with water. Then lastly. Get some nice glass polish and a rug. And wipe some of that good stuff on the tub. Making the tub look spick and span. Then you are done
Albert W.
Depends on what you have on hand. The best way is to turn on the shower tap (not the showerhead), and wet the tub first. Turn off the water then spray some bathroom cleaner (any one usually works but make sure it's got a picture of a sink or toilet on it so you know it's got that mildew killing goodness). Wait a few minutes (see the directions on the spray) or at least 60 seconds of no wait time is indicated. Use a sponge or towel to wipe down the tub. Rinse the tub with water again.
If you don't have a bathroom spray, a tiny bit of dish soap (hopefully one that's tough on grease) diluted in warm water can work too. Make sure you're cleaning the inside of the tub, the edges and the sides as well as the walls of your bath so ensure its all clean.
Emma Y.
My environmental friendly and cheap method:
Rinse with water, sprinkle baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) everywhere, scrub with cloth, rinse with water. Done. For moldy areas and lime crusts, soak with vinegar.
Clinton O.
The first thing you do is to get the cleaning materials. I prefer sprays, a plastic cup, gloves, and brushes or sponges with a rough side. After getting the materials, you remove any items commonly found in or around the bathtub, such as shampoos, soaps, pumice stones, and rubber duckies. Make sure you have the window open and if you have allergies, wear a mask. Spray generously in and around the tub as well as the tiles around it. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and start scrubbing with the brush or sponge. You might have to get in the tub to reach all of the spots that need to be cleaned. It is not an easy work, but it is quite a workout for you arms or legs if you scrub the bottom using your toes scrubbing with the sponge all around the tub. After scrubbing all of it, turn on the water and using the cup, rinse the tiles and tub thoroughly. If you are picky you may want to dry it with a towel; otherwise, let it dry naturally. You are some!
Grace X.
😂😂 honestly I don’t clean it as much as I probably should but I normally just give it a quick rinse down (sometimes I use a cloth if it’s bad) with cold water until it’s clean.
Princess E.
I think you can do this in a more fun way by playing some music. Put a face mask on and dance along while you clean but be careful you might slip 😛
Michelle O.
Funny but I asked the same when I was a student! You just have to get a good sponge, some cleaner and get stuck right in scrubbing. Elbow grease is the only way! Best to wash it directly after a bath and the sane soap that put the ring around it will get it off if your quick enough. Happy cleaning. I recommend aggie and Kim for a bit of inspiration 😉
Th O A.
😂 use Lysol and mr. bubble scrum with a brush. Scrum down 2 times and spray everything. Then rinse with water and buy a shower mat. Also clean the toilet while your at it, or ask someone else too.
Katie Q.
I've seen my mom do it once. So you get a cleaner for bathrooms and spray it all over the inside of the bath. It has to not have any mats or toys in etc. Then scrub it clean with a damp cloth, like a J cloth, (I think thats what the blue cloths with white dot s is called). Anyway after that rinse out the cloth and use it to rinse off the cleaner. And then rinse the bath with your shower if its connected at the end of your bath. If there separate then just make sure you rinse well with the cloth. You can do the exact same with the side of the bath if you want to. Just try not to let the cleaner drip onto the floor otherwise you'll have to rinse the floor as well.
Caitlin R.
It’s related 🙂
Get yourself a spray bottle of disinfectant, a sponge, an old towel, and a scrub brush. Take a shower, or let someone else take a shower or bath so the tub is already covered in condensation. Clear all items from the tub (shampoo, rubber ducks, etc) and spray the tub and shower walls with a disinfectant of choice. Let it sit for five minutes while you scrub around the drain, fixtures, corners, shower door track, and any other areas that might need attention using your scrub brush. Lightly scrub the walls, focusing on the grout, and any scum. Next use the shower head to rinse the walls as much as you can. Rewet the brush or use a sponge to rinse down any spots that need rinsing. Wipe the walls with a rag or towel and you are set. Find a dry place to store your bath supplies, it helps keep the uncluttered and prevents rings from forming.
Bridget D.
Feels omg… Depends how dirty it is. I use bathroom cleaner (like a spray bottle from woolies) to wipe it down with then I just rinse it off with water.
Becky F.
I use soft scrub gel and a green scrubby pad. And then when I'm done scrubbing I rinse with hot water. Although don't use it if you have a sensitivity to bleach.
Lewis R.
Gloves on. Powder bleach. Spray water. Scrub the bowl and the faucet. If I didn’t scrub the walls this time, spray bleach on the walls, let it sit and rinse everywhere.
Rachel E.
I put in bleach, then turn water on, let it set for about ten minutes, drain the water, and start scrubbing. Rinse it out with some more water, then you're good to go:)
Whit R.
Funny you ask, because my morning routine "clean and tidy for 10 minutes" happened to be to clean my tub. I use scrubbing bubbles and the rough side of a sponge.