Is it essential to use disinfectants and cleaning products on a daily basis? I mean will there be any possibility , that could have a chemical affect on ones health.

Jo G.
The Pride of the Peacocks

I've read it too many times to count. It's one of the first books, other than The Babysitters Club, that I actual liked. It is historical fiction and a mystery in most of her books and I love horror and history in general. Also a gothic romance. With many things going on in the books, is like me, I don't have a big talent or calling, plus I love everything and want to do it all. The girl in the book is finding out all her family's secrets and I feel like mine has some or I want to have some. She is taken to foreign places and have different lives, while living hers. Opals are a big part of the book. I love how they can change at every angle and look different every time you look at them. My mother's birthstone. I also don't fit into my family like this girl, when I first read it I didn't like my parents, but I was also a teenager.