Sense this program is about personal growth… is it ok to grow in a way of releasing control over things being done to my specifications. Ie I like the bathroom cleaned with certain cleaners. My son doesn’t like them and uses stuff that is ok but not clean to me. Still let him do it and touch up as I see it needs, or just not pick and end up doing it myself when I have time?

Jacque Y.
growth can certainly mean letting go of behaviors that don't serve you. is it really worth your time to go back over someone else's work just because its different? it undermines your son's efforts, if he is in fact doing a satiafactory job, even if it is not perfect. everyone has their own way of doing things. ten different immaculately clean houses will use ten different methods of keeping it that way. let your son find his own way of doing things, so that he will be confident in taking up household chores when he lives on his own/with a partner/roommates.
Mienchen O.
I would just tell him that u don't think it's not clean enough and explain that to him, he propably gonna be okay with that. But you could share the cleaning progress to show him how clean it should be. In the best way with the cleaners you use so he can understand I that there is a need to use your cleaners. Byeeee