What tasks do you do daily to keep on top of your home’s cleanliness?

Marvin F.
Usually i begin with brooming the floor and then moping them while listening to music.
This really helps me relieve extra stress.
Leah C.
I like making my bed and making sure my desk is organised and my floor is clear from discarded clothes and items. I also like to make sure my dishes are done and my rubbish is in the bin.
Za Ro G.
I clean dishes as soon as I am done using them. So if I make breakfast, I clean my pan when I’m done, eat & relax, then clean my dishes instead of leaving them in the sink. If I have dirty clothes, they go straight into the laundry basket. If the basket is full, I wash them. I make sure to fold my laundry and put it away immediately. If I see something messy I fix it and as I walk from room to room I will pick it up something that’s out of place and take it to the correct room if need be (i.e. coffee mug, hairbrush, dirty sock, dog toy). I hope this helps! If you ever don’t feel like cleaning for a day/night… it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes I don’t do my dishes before I go to bed and will do them in the morning. You got this!!
Nicodemos Z.
It may sound weird but the task I do every single day to keep my home clean is to sport especially yoga because my room is very small so I need to push all of my things aside and then when I put them back in place I also clean my room