How often do you clean your house?

L On F.
I tidy up my house every day, usually in the morning. I try to keep clean the kitchen and the bathroom every day. Every Saturday I clean the house well and deeply.
Christine C.
I clean some things every day then I do a deeper clean a couple times a month. I’m working to get better at this. My goal is to deep clean once a week.
Thuraya N.
بالعادة انظف الجزء الموكل الي ، لكن غرفتي وسريري ارتبهما يوميًا مع مسح الارضية والمرايا مرة كل اسبوعان ، الحمام لا اغسله الا نادرًا لأن اختي تتولى ذلك . التنظيف سطحي غالبًا
Nanna E.
Instead of cleaning my house once a week or once a month I do little chores everyday and then do deep cleanings once a week and once a month. For example, I take my garbage out everyday, I make my bed, I sanitize the common areas. Weekly I do my laundry, clean the bathroom, wipe down surfaces, monthly I clean my sheets, clean my windows, clean my shoes, etc. Makes it easier to do a little at a time than a lot in one day.
Qonita M.
I don't clean my house too much. But, i clean my room 1 or 2 times a week. But now, i tried to clean my room everyday! "I don't have any time for that." Well, i recomend you to clean your house at weekend… if you are a BUSSY person. Hope it usefull
Christoffer F.
One thing that keeps my flat clean is, that I have a lady who comes every two weeks to thoroughly clean the flat. Due to my busy schedule, this is something that help me maintain the general cleaning. Every day I quickly sweep and wipe the floor where our dog is moving around. When it’s wet outside, I do it several times a day (well, now that I’m working from home and I’m all day at home). I try to tidy up the kitchen, dining table and my work desk on a regular basis, but more on weekends. Since I am more at home now, I started a general decluttering of my working and archive room and it is a huge work that I never had time for. It is liberating 🙂