How do you keep papers that need an action taken (bills etc) organized and out of the way while you are in the process of working on them?

Melinda E.
We have multiple bins for organization. One in the kitchen for not yet delt with papers and bills. Urgent goes on the lazy susan in the middle of the table or the counter. Then to be filed goes in the bin ontop of the filing cabinet. The files in the cabinet are very specific which makes it much easier to find everything. Then the papers to be shredded go ontop of the shredder next to the file cabinet.
Kaylee T.
I have a folder that has different compartments in it. 1 compartment for yet to have anything done to it but needs to be addressed, the next one is in process, the next for paid and to he archived… which then goes it my filing folder. Hope that helps!
Nino T.
I have a space which I put all the things I am using in the moment. Is a fixed space. It can be a drawer, a folder. The secret is always put it there.
Polly B.
Actually, I don’t. Since my husband has retired and I’m still working, he’s taken on household finances. But, when I wAs doing bills, I always had a special drawer or corner of the desk in which items needing action were placed, usually with the due date written on the envelope and stacked in date order.
Thania P.
It's a good question indeed. I usually do not have a system yet. But now thanks to this question i will have a box to drop them as i receive them till i deal with them. But i would definitely put a deadline to deal with these. Else it will pile up and cause stress
Kyra T.
Hmm…well this sometimes is a difficult process. For me it all depends on organization. I put each into sections and then do what I can at the time.