How do you best manage clutter?

Klothilde U.
It depends on the type of clutter if its clutter like toys or to many shoes etc lying around i will pick up what i can see n try to Pick them up when i can but if its like toys clothes shoes Overflowing or no longer wanted i do a monthly sort out so i will everyone to sort their things out and i will go through everything and whatever is good i will give to a local charity shop and what's not i will put in the bin. I manage by setting a date monthly to do the sort out and everyone knows that date so it gets done
Ellen T.
I go through room by room systematically and throw things out or give to charity and what is left in try and put them neatly away. Also I am getting kids involved as well.
Sameera F.
I like to think about things I need and things I do not need. Then, if the things I do want to keep, I like labelling them properly so I can recover them when I need them. I also like to make a list of things I need to get rid of (like electronics, clothes etc.) and then donate them to their respective places (electronics recycling, clothes donation). It makes me feel less wasteful to do that. Also, when I donate clothes, I properly label the contents and pack it so the user can get a proper use out of them.