I am looking for good tips on organizing as this is hard for me.

Kennerly P.
My mother is a professional organizer and one thing that I have learned from her is that it always helps to start in one small area and just focus on that otherwise it becomes overwhelming to try to think of in terms of organizing entire rooms or whatever. I think another thing is sometimes we just organize in such a way that it’s putting things back rather than making things look the way we really want them to look. Of course this depends on whether you’re organizing a closet or organizing something that you’re going to see in a room every day. If it’s something you’re going to see at your desk every day for example, you can sketch out a little picture of what a really great inspiring little desk area would look like for you and then sort of match up the organization to your vision or you could do that with any area of the house really. If it’s just straight up organizing of a closet then it’s probably best to use the classic keep, get rid of, don’t know three-bin style approach – that allows you to do is out of things that you don’t want or can’t play let go of yet. I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy – it is a fabulous little way to look at one’s things and environment. I hope this helps!