how do you organise you desk or your closet?

Varian N.
in my closet i put fancy stuff on top, shirts in the middle, pants on bottom and then pjs and underwear, I have some more pretty stuff on my hangers and my kathak clothes above that.
Angel J.
First of all I take of everything and wipe away the dust using detol and some kitchen tissues. I then throw away any thing I don't need and put things that I want to keep but do not want to put on my desk somewhere else. I then organise it by placing everything in a neat spot.
Steele C.
I organize my clothes by type and color. I organize my desk by school work and music. In addition my desk has a spot to charge my phone and have water at night.
Zack P.
My desk has a drawer and I usually organize it with only the essentials that I use all the time like computer, notebook, pencils, etc. My closet has bins where I store some of my clothes, I have hangers where I keep my coats and jackets and my shoes are on a mini rack. Everything usually stays in place and in specific sections. Over all pretty organized I believe .
Mathieu Q.
My desk is organized by importantance. Nothing is in my drawers that I don’t use for work. I keep snacks so I can nibble and not break my production
Tomothy W.
I will make it super nice. Then over time I will let it get trashed and disorganized and just look at it and procrastinate
Brayden U.
Rzadko, ale strannie. W szafie staram się poukładać spodnie i sukienki na dole, a na górze układam swetry, bluzki, topy etc. Butki i kurtki sprzątam rzadziej bo są w osobnej części.
Page N.
Tables and dresser and chest of drawers messy. That’s the problem, I don’t. Things are piled on top of one another. Some more important and more urgently needed maybe in a file folder marked on the tap as to the contents. 👍 Some file folders are filed away in file cabinet.
– Closet warm weather clothes on one side cold weather on the other. Some skirts together, blouses & shirts together, suits together. Not totally organized. But I have put boots & shoes in containers by function and on shoe rack.
Bella J.
I lie to have a lot of thing to put different things in like one thing for each type of item but I don’t have much things to do that 😔
Frederik U.
I keep a pink crate on a shelf underneath my desk and I just store pens, wipes, wallets, my iPad and a lighter for candles. I also have e stand on top of my desk that I use for my laptop and a mirror that doubles as a jewellery holder.
Keelan X.
I start by planning when I’m going to do it and then I throw away the stuff I don’t need or want and then I either get organiser containers or just rearrange my desk or closet
Gail P.
I usually get rid of the dishes first I then clean the desk with cleaner. After that is done I like to reorganize the items on the desk.
Ma Lle T.
I organize my closet : pants on one big pile(i have a lot a lot of pants!!) and sweathers on another. It all also depends of sweather's thickness. Turtleneck in another pile
Andre T.
I organize my desk according to the usage and need. I keep a pen stand thats a lamp too for night times, a water bottle. Keep my notebook, glasses, reading book in the desk
Sevda P.
I don't like so much things on the desk so I like to keep it more clean and for closet i hate when I'm late and i can't find what to wear bcs of the mess that is mostly what gives me energy to keep them organized
Janice B.
Personally my closest I like to maintain by colour and style if it’s long t shirt then I hang them at the top if it’s jeans shorts cargo pants I hang them near the bottom colour and prints help me organize as well dark shirts to the front and coloured to the back if it’s a bold print I usually put it too the back cause I don’t wear it often and when I go to buy new clothes or update my wardrobe when I go to add new clothes I can take away old pieces with ease cause the clothes I haven’t been wearing are to the back of the clothes rather than the front
Edith Y.
Non essentials are never on my desk. It's always things I need plus a few trinkets to cheer up the energy.

My closet is organised by season. The clothes of the current season will always be where I can reach easiest. Delicates and other smaller items are organised by colour and size in drawers.

Paola P.
About my desk I try to have only what I need on it. It’s easier to keep everything in order when I finish my work.
About my closet, I have everything divided by colour and season. Easy!
Faizeh N.
I organise my closet like this:jackets and hoodies I hang them.shirts and t-shirts are in the driver!panst and shorts are in the last drower and my desk I am a young artist so I have many colours and stuff so they have there own little place right next to my desk pappers and stuff like that are actually next to me!I'm not that kind of person that stretches to get what they want!hehe😅,maybe I should start working on that too!
Fani A.
Spot on question! I have a hard time organizing: 1. my closet, 2. My desk, 3. My emails, and 4. The files on my computer! I am the worst at it. The problem is that with these things particularly with my desk things I take time before I finalize and complete a task, so any related paper or item I keep it on the surface, being there among other open projects that I have! Story of my life!! I hate that.

Now that I will move to a new house I bad to find a furniture as a desk only for me! That will most likely be at the common room. Like a tall stand, a chair and a set of drawers.

I need to work harder and more persistently and consistently in finalizing goals. I also need to have one set of drawers for all the open project mess that I have, one small drawer, shallow, that only fits few things and it will contain all of my weekly open stuff. This drawer will me sorted out daily and weekly.

About clothes , I need to do the same have a basket where I put all the short term wardrobe mess, while the rest of the wardrobe is neat and clean

Elizabeth O.
As someone with insane ADHD and an equal amount of an insane need to constantly be doing something, i don’t really organize my closet or desk.
I’ll put stuff on my desk and leave it to be changed around later. As of recently, I got a new closet so I’ve only started getting around to putting stuff in it as of today. But really all I did for that was fold my shirts and pants and stuck them like how some people stack clothes when putting them in suitcases. The rest of the clothes – like socks, bras, etc. – just get put in the one drawer under the closet and I can just tell myself where to look.
Sara C.
i organize it by color usually for my closet and type of clothing. i believe i do this so i can access my clothes and supplies easier. along with this, in my desk i like the organize everything by type of supply and keep it in that section.
Umaimah N.
Well you can organize it by placing the clothes in the same colour category or maybe one drawer shirts the other on pants an etc
Lucas Y.
I organize by theme and by what I use most. The things I need have to stay visible. Like on my desk I have cups with the few pencils I love the most. Visibility is important, and if that is not possible I label it clearly.
Baldomero B.
My desk is usually nice and tidy. Or at least the drawers are. The top is a mess currently. My closet has bunches of old clothes that I need to sort out, so it's also a mess. The best thing about my room being a mess, is that I know where everything is, but others dont!
Malone O.
so you have to be Creative and organize your Desk the way you like! I always oragnize my desk with decorations or books I have
Emma S H.
Set Up a Routine to Organize for at least an Hour, once every 2 or 3 weeks to sort out a closet, drawers or a deep cleaning of your desk. It really helpful and you could custom it to your choose with whatever you wish to organize.
Jessica Z.
I hang it all on coat hangers, and only fold pants and skirts, and PJs. And rest in draws. Still yet to find a better way to organise the closet.
Hermenegildo N.
In my closet I put workout clothes in 1 area, Short sleeve shirts in 1 section, Long sleeve, and Hoodies in 1 section and dresses (very few) in last section. Shoes and boots arrange on floor
Lucky N.
I organize my desk by putting my things and stationery into the drawers. and if my closet is a little messy because my wardrobe is broken
Teddy N.
It’s pretty chaotic and messy really but I am still looking for a solution but right now I Just put things under different names in different boxes but it is still a little everywhere, but I mostly know where everything is so I’m good 🙂 though I would rlly like a better solution if you have one ☝️
Kath M.
Usually i scatter my things first and then reorganize it, i sometimes wipe the dust off and i put everything back in its place
Htet N.
I always used Japanese kaizen one minute continuously improvements methods. You can improve your ability by kaizen. It can be organizes all easily if you can control kaizen.
Kurt O.
I recently got a little desk organizer to help me out with that. I use the larger compartment to slide papers underneath while setting notebooks on top of it while I work. The littler ones hold things like my phone, pens, deodorant, tweezers, and other small objects. It's very helpful!
Loni E.
I organize them by color. By this I mean the items on my desk are all one or two color: Grey or black. And the rest of my supplies are neatly in my desk lined up in color order.
Rosalva Q.
I always play music, arrange what I want first and ask that no one bother me. I always want to do everything so that he has nothing left for later. I try to prepare when I'm in a good mood, when I'm not in a hurry
Jayla F.
I start with all the stuff on the floor and then i try to put things in it’s original place, such as being hung up or in a little box.
Keala Z.
I organize my closet with all of my pants, pajamas and underwear in fabric bins in a bookcase and all of my tops hanging up
Amy G.
Clear away all the unnecessary items first – random paper files and useless decorations. Then organise files by projects and finally put one or two decorations that I really like
Maralod O.
For the desk I sort out the things and put them in a stock. For the closet I have 4 of them. Tops, trousers, clotheses taht I don't wear and the ones that are warm
Jhennifer A.
So I basically take everything out of my death or my closet so I meant desk not there and they think we are just some wipe everything down and then I gradually put everything back but more organised
Elena N.
I love minimalistic thing, more is empty, more is beauty and comfy! This is for the desk, but for the closets i love put my dress in color order, rainbow, to dark tone to bright tone.
( sorry for the english but i’m italian)
Michelle X.
Summer shirt's then Pants then casual Dresses then Winter shirt's then wedding Dresses and over flow in a tot on the floor and I have my sun hat's in the back and on top I have a suitcase and pictures.
Soren T.
I try and use boxes for smaller things in my wardrobe so it stays neat.

On my desk I try and keep it as clear as possible, items I use frequently go in a nearby drawer for easy access but they don’t clutter the space. I might have any books, documents or notebooks I’m currently working on in a neat pile to the side of my computer

Cathy W.
My desk? It's always a mess. I use it as my every day "do later" procrastination. I couldn't use it as a desk if my life depended on it. My closet is okay. Sometimes a bit messy but never anything bad. I can always find what I want.
Ridhi W.
I organize my closet according to the size and types of clothes I have and I organize my desk according to the space I need
Eli P.
I put my stuff in piles based on how I use them and put them in places nearer or farther based on how frequently I use them.
Debra J.
Desk it's where I work and since I have quite a bad habit of getting distracted or off task I have to have it clean and tidy
V Nea Q.
I organized my closetby differentiate my old wears &new wears cloth and aslo the one specific for occasion. My desk is simple just books on my table which I usually need to study
Nikolaj C.
Eu separaro as roupas por tipo, e não é um armário é uma caixa de plástico.
A minha secretária está um caos porque eu sempre arrumo e desarrumo depois.
Jim E.
I first clear everything off/out. Then I clean each surface with a rag and some solution. I will then decide what to keep or throw away. Finally, I neatly organize what's left.
Bibo N.
I use to put everything in divided by categories (for both desk and closet) e.g. heavy sweaters, jeans, sweat pants (closet) and pencils, pens, highlighters (desk)
Stella O.
I usually take everything out or off of the space I am trying to clean and then I slowly start organizing and putting things back in a orderly fashion.
Mariana F.
well i organize my closet by putting anything that i don’t wear all the way in the back and all the clothes that are new or clothes that i do wear i put them in the front. i hang all my shirts, jackets, sweaters and i fold my pants and put them in bin.
Jules X.
First I take all the things out and clean it good! About my desk, I put my pencil case, the lamp, my laptop and my books on the shelf. The desk must be simple and not too many unnecessary things that I don't really need to use while I'm working/studying.
Now about my closet, I organise the shirts with the shirts, the dresses together, the pants based on their style for example the jeans, the pants, the sweatpants etc.
Ludwig T.
i often like to organize it by pushing everything to the back of the table or closet leavibg a large area in front to make it look extra tidy or clean
Luno Y.
It depends on the amount of space you have, honestly. Can’t help you with closets cause they get me worked up, however, with desks i tend to leave only the essentials on the surface and arrange them in a way that pleases me, this can be by size and or colour. The rest can be put away in drawers, but make sure it’s not just stuffed in there, and instead piles up relatively neatly depending on frequency of use and size! Sorry this is vague but I hope it helps!!
Mark W.
I’m Swedish so my English is not perfect😌 I’ll have each desk drawer to one thing each, for exampel paper and so on. Or I’ll split the deskdrawer in two or three small boxes. And in my closet I do like this: if I try on clothes and then decide to change I remind myself that if I hang the clothes back now I will have a good and organised feeling about it. Unlike if a don’t hang it back I would have a bad feeling and unorganised closet.
Rose C.
first thing inaalis ko yung mga kalat yung mga basura tinatapon ko sa basurahan second tinatanggal ko yung mga hindi na kailangan pangatlo inispryhan ko ng alcohol yung desk ko at pinupunasan ng basang towel at last ina arrange ko na yung mga gamit ko sa desk ko
Elliana U.
I organize my desk by putting things in the right place, for example, putting pens in a small container, pencils in a small container, (etc) I then put cords on one side, then notebooks on the other! Hope this helped!!
Sunshine N.
I organize my desk and closet every couple of months. I give away old clothes and throw away clutter that I don’t need. If feels better to live in an uncluttered environment.
Edgar Y.
First of all i separate things then i arrange them in a order. Sometimes i change the place of the things. Or sometimes i change the order. I replaced old things with the new things, for a good change i decorate the desk/closet.
Nicole Q.
I know it is hard to start your day and all you need to do is clean your mess around. But this little step will make you feel accomplished.

Having a clean working environment makes you think more clear and motivates your day.

Katrine W.
Tbh, my desk is rarely mesy, but I'll show you what I do when it's not. First, i organize the things that belong on the desk but not in the right spot, then i move on to the things that are nto supposed to be on the desk and put them in they're place and so on. But i never really cleaned my dresser, i just give all the clothes that don't fit me to charity. So i don't have any tips for you, sorry!
Rachel T.
Usually I organize my desk based on what task I’m doing and what will make me feel in the mood for those tasks like bringing out every book I have on psychology for example, so I can skim everything or just one book so I can fully concentrate on it. And so I also put everything I need within reach such as a really big water bottle (if you sit at your desk for long). As for organizing these things after you’ve gathered them, you can organize your closet first between tops and bottoms, and the tops from short sleeved to long sleeved, and bottoms from short to long as well. Or whatever works for you, such as color scheme or clothing type. For tables and desks I suggest keeping a lot of empty spaces because if you work there things are going to get messy if you try to organize every detail and fill up most of the desk. Only keep stuff on top that you need and store the rest in drawers where you can find them in the rare case that you do need them. Or throw them out or give them away.
Ellen J.
I organize my desk with fun and happy things. The desk is only used for journaling and zoom meetings so I keep it fun and a good place for plants needing sun.
Arsham T.
Well, since I am a student, I regularly put the things I need, such as books, pens, pencils, and other things I need near me, so that I can use them on time.
Ma Ly Y.
Met kapstokken en alles een mooi plekje te geven, en voor mijn bureau heb ik georganiseerde doosjes om alles mooi te leggen