How do go through paperwork especially if you are creative and mind dump all the time, also if u have a business lol

Krysta Z.
I tackle one bit at a time. I try to prioritize parts and pieces of whatever paperwork I am tackling and just start. I do a piece at a time. I don’t worry about any other piece just the one that I am working on. I can get through a whole piece then move on to the next. Then I refine. I do this for any paperwork. It’s systematic for me. It allows me to consider each specific part then the whole. The I refine and finalize.
Maxwell O.
You can't be creative and your mind be dump at the same time… Creativity comes through the alertness of your mind…So anyone with a sharp mind is always creating new things…
Anna F.
Keep things separate. Work goes with work and creative stuff goes with creative stuff.

If your work includes creative stuff, separate them into two: boring stuff – bills/contracts etc – and creative stuff for work.

For the mind dump/creative stuff utilise the "one in one out" rule. Design a box/folder/desk(if it's a bigger stuff) for it. And if you want to put anything in there and it's full go through them and remove which you don't need/are not good enough. It's a good idea to have somebody who's professional opinion you trust to go through them with you. They may see an idea which is worth developing even though you think it's worthless.

Of course there are some stuff – i.e ramblings – you just want out of your head. Feel free to ditch these at your own discretion. If you decide to keep them, think about if the emotions they bring forth are worth remembering or not.

Rosanna E.
Prioritize. I check to see which paperwork needs my attention first and deal with that first the rest I will put on the table and sort out for another day if it does not need my immediate attention within 24 hours.