I sometimes don’t clean my room in the evening due to tiredness. I have trouble with feeling guilty over not cleaning up my room in the evening. The guilt is overwhelming and I ruminate on it. Makes the day after less productive and more depressing. Do you ever feel guilty? How do you deal with it in terms of thoughts? Or do you focus your attention on something else? or are there things you say or automatically do? I could use some ideas on this, I have to be honest; I have Bipolar II, and excessive guilt is one of the official symptoms/criteria. I really don’t know what else to think besides guilt, nothing else comes up in my thoughts and I am stuck. Any tips are welcome. Thank you very much.

Kashish F.
Hi there 👋😊 Firstly great to hear your question, and according to this problem; you must dedicate and push yourself to the work. After some pushing you will find some interest in the work. It is not necessary that we all people have same productivity every time, but to maintain that productivity, you must push yourself to the work.
Deana M.
Don't beat yourself up over not feeling like cleaning. Everyone has off days. I always say, "the mess isn't going anywhere." No use stressing over something simple.
Jerome F.
Don't feel guilty. It would be nice if you clean your home because then you will feel very good and comfortable but if you are too tired just lay down and sleep. Find the tike for cleaning the day after. But here is tip for you…try it. Every day clean your room a bit…10 mins max and it will become easier.