Being a perfectionist and having mild OCD makes cleaning quite hard for me, I can spend hours once I start. Any advice on speeding up and stopping when I start?

Kristina Z.
Make a list of 3 things you want to clean/organize. Pick one area and just do that for 10 minutes. Set a timer and move on.
Phoebe F.
I hard boil a bunch of eggs at the start of the week so I can just grab a couple each morning. I also keep Clif bars around for those mornings when I don’t have time to peel an egg lol
Anna Q.
maybe you can create a to do-list on which you can write which room you gonna clean on which day.
or you can set goals like, today I'll only clean the bathroom and the kitchen. or I'll clean my room/house for maximum a hour and not longer.
Valdemar G.
Perhaps you could make a cleaning playlist. When you get to the end you need to stop. Make the last song one that reminds you of the power you hold to make the decision. Something that makes you feel strong and accomplished.
Lamia Y.
If you know you have trouble stopping once you get started, maybe only start cleaning when you know you’ll have to stop soon to go do something else (eg if you start cleaning 15 min before you have to leave the house, you’ll be forced to stop at some point and won’t go down the cleaning rabbit hole)