What’s the most important part of the home to keep clean?

Bertram Møller
Living spaces (I.e. kitchen, family room). These are the rooms you spend the most time in. I find it hard to feel relaxed in my living spaces when they are cluttered and messy. Also, if you have people pop over unannounced, you don’t have to feel stressed about them coming into a messy room.

Toni Soto
Living room because that’s where I spend the most time of my life. It’s where I feel love and loved, I feel productive, I feel relaxed.

Ludmilla Nehls
Livingspace: the space you’re most frequently live in / is most important to you. A tidy space makes you feel at ease. Being calm, feeling calm effects other aspecten of your life. If untidyness makes you feel irritated, clean it. Do that what irritates you the most. If you don’t know where to start, then start with the space you feel is the most important: where you want to be the most.

Patrick Bryant
My mind and where I sleep. If I cannot fully rest then I cannot fully function and I can never fully rest surrounded in mess. When my mind is feeling cluttered, I find decluttering my space helps

Théodore Lopez
For me, the 3 important spots in my home are the kitchen, bedroom and the bathroom. Its all about setting the mornings and nights right. Waking up I am going to first see my bedroom, then the bathroom and the kitchen. So I want these 3 places to be clean to give the perfect start of my day. And then when coming back home too these are the spots that I am definitely gonna hit again – so I always do a quick clean up everytime possible.

Tobias Madsen
My kitchen, it’s where my family spends most of their time and where I find solace in the early hours of the am. It’s feel good to wake up to a clean kitchen and get ready for the day ahead and a clean kitchen as night in preparation for the future.

There’s so much comfort in a clean kitchen.

Rogéria Mendes
Keep the kitchen sink and drainer clean and clear. The tidiness will spread from there.
It doesn’t take long to do and once you’ve started you’ll have the impetus to carry on and do a little bit more.

Nils Lemaire
I’d vote for the bedroom. It needs to be a calm space where you can rest. Mess is stressful and I cannot sleep well if my bedroom is chaotic.

Lucille Pena
Where you spend most of your time. For me, as long as my house is decluttered, I have fresh air and natural light in, I am happy.

Lison Lacroix
Bedroom bedroom bedroom it is where we sleep and it most be clean and always in good condition for the mind and body to rest

Lukas Renaud
Inside my room is the carpet and the clothes on my floor. I need a second laundry basket. Also my rug. It gets a lot of little thrash. I need to bring in the second laundry basket and sweep twice a week

Leah Gibson
Great question! For me it would be the kitchen or office space. I cannot cook well in a cluttered kitchen so I often give up and order a pizza which isn’t good for my wallet or health. I know for me personally if my workspace is messy, I can’t think straight. No matter if you work in your bedroom or have a separate office, it’s best to keep it organized to your liking.

Richard Alexander
The bedroom I think, because that is where you unwind and re-center, and having this organized makes the getting ready morning routines that much easier!

Gerald Graves
It should be your bedroom. When you go to bed or wake up, you won’t have to clean if you keep it clean. It could also be your kitchen. When you go to cook something, you won’t have to rummage through the clutter in your kitchen.

William Lucas
kitchen. when your kitchen is clean it’s much more motivating to want to cook. becoming zen about cleaning and cooking will strengthen this daily routine

Lucas Olsen
For me it’s kitchen and bedroom. Clutter has always been my problem in both places. I have printed the 30 day declutter challenge and have been attacking it in the order that fits my needs

Mimon Fogaça
This is a hard one. I am wondering if it actually might be the front door area and the hallway. It is best to be able to walk around without clutter or physical objects you are tripping over and best to come home to a hallway that doesn’t have stuff in it because those are the first few seconds of your association with your home when you get back, and that may set the tone. I’m planning on cleaning out my hallway very soon. It has suitcases and lots of stuff laying in it that shouldn’t be there and it definitely feels like it is adding clutter to my mind.

Eva Nicolas
Honestly, the most important room to keep clean in your house, is the room you want to feel the calmest in. That room for me is my bedroom. I am most often relaxing in my room or doing my work, so keeping it clean gives me a sense of calmness and focus. Because my room is clean, I am less likely to get distracted by random objects in the room or feel overwhelmed with the amount of things I have to do in a week. Also when I fall asleep, it’s one less thing I have to worry about. Your bedroom is also the first thing you wake up to and the last thing you fall asleep to. By keeping it clean, you’re happier because you’re not waking up to a cluttered mess that at some time, you are going to have to clean.

Walter Baumgarten
Both the kitchen and the area you work/live in the most. Mine is my desk area-lots of stuff comes on the desk every day, but every day I tidy it up again so I can reuse the space more readily and don’t feel overwhelmed if I need to work on a project. Same goes with the kitchen-too many variables that’ll catch up with you quick. Good luck friend

Manon Gautier
Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The main places that have the hardest time staying clean and organized. I try to make sure those three rooms stay the cleanest so I can relax easier.

Madison Bradley
A lot of people swear by the practice of emptying or “shining” your sink every evening. That is, you don’t go to bed and leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. I’m not sure that I ascribe to this philosophy—my husband and I cook A LOT and a completely empty sink before bed often isn’t possible. I think the most important part of the home to keep clean is the part you spend the most time in. That might be your office or living room or bedroom. Physical clutter can contribute to mental clutter, so keeping your most frequently visited space clean can help you be more present in the moment and focus on whatever task at hand.

Mia Freeman
Bathrom, kitchen and make bed. Take out trash. If nothing else is completed at least things are sanitary. Next is to control clutter.

Dinarte De souza
My bedroom is the most important room to keep clean. It's where I begin and end my day. Making sure my bedroom is a minimalist / lovely sanctuary is key to maintaining my inner calm/contentedness.

Alfred Richardson
For me they are the kitchen and the bathrooms. It gives me doscomfort if there are dirty dishes laying around, and the place where I wash and treat my body is dirty or dusty.

Margaux Lemaire
Definitely bathroom. Bathroom is the place in the house where it get use the most. The way you clean your bathroom can reflect the way you are in your entire house.

Élton Melo
I think it’s the kitchen. It can get away from you and feel overwhelming if you don’t just keep it clean. I mean clean up as you go. Make sure it’s clean before bed and it’s manageable. Maybe a deep clean every few weeks. My kitchen is small. I only have the things To need and no extras. It makes it easier. I take the same approach with the bathroom. Just put stuff away when your done. It makes life so much simpler.

Matteo Guerin
In my opinion, the most important part of the house to clean is the living room and the bathroom. I think that because when your guest come in you want to clean the living room so they feel good. Also, you want to clean the bathroom because your guest don’t want to be using a dirty bathroom. Also a clean space makes a clean mind

Lucílio Da rocha
All of it but the most place to always be clean and tidy is the place you spend the most time in, in my case it’s my room. De-cluttering the mess is always relaxing and I’m also trying to go minimalistic. I’m aiming on renovating my room by September 2019 at the latest.

Henny Kropf
Definitely the kitchen. Lunches need made, meals need prepped, etc. If it is constantly messy, it means making meals will be even more of a challenge.

Noah Madsen
It depends, if you are already married and you have a family then I would say the living room and the kitchen are the most important. However, if you are pretty young let’s say still in high school or even college and you spend most of your time in your room then you should definitely clean your room.

Simon Christiansen
Your room is the most important part of the home to keep clean, because it’s where you will slee and spend most of the home tome there, and especially when it you will the last of what your eyes saw before you sleep 😉

Yann Leroux
Definitely the kitchen! It’s where you’re are going to cook your food,the food which will give you energy to accomplish all your tasks

Alma Mortensen
If doing something will not take more than 3 minutes, do it now. I noticed daily cleaning makes it easy, fast and feels so good

Andrea Garrett
I like to make sure the kitchen is always clean! If it’s messy with dishes everywhere, I’ll be unmotivated to cook and likely order unhealthy food and get it delivered. If it is clean, I’m motivated to cook something healthy and I feel like my life is on track!

Alexander Larsen
I think the two most important parts to keep your home clean is to stay on top of it everyday and make sure everything has a place. Everything needs a place, and for me, it not only provides a sense of organization but it also provides a sense of stress relief when I go looking for things. Losing things is a huge stressor/pet peeve of mine, and this rule eliminates a lot in my life. It’s also really helpful to have everything in one place to figure out how much stuff you have and ideally, how much stuff you don’t need because you already have it.

The second point to keeping a house clean is to stay on top of it everyday. Put away things right away because as the mess builds up, it can become more overwhelming to tackle. But spend 10 minutes tidying up at the end of the day? That seems way more manageable.

Jano Michels
The kitchen , so it always looks good . Having a clean & tidy kitchen de stresses.. also I’d like to keep my bedroom more tidy.. I think it will de clutter my mind.

Priscilla Stephens
The kitchen. If the kitchen is clean then everything else feels better. I can focus better and am more likely to cook or eat at home.

Kassandra Ruff
It is your floor. If it is not clean it will be disgusting along with your feet and the time of your furniture and it will make your house appear dirty!!

Hansjoachim Rauch
Important part of the home to clean, is common surfaces used by people. Bacteria 🦠 can build easy in sickly dirt spots at the house, so it is vital (for health) to disinfect!

Teresa Cole
Your bedroom/work area because when trying to work or sleep, the last thing you want is clutter because it distracts you or keeps you awake. It also feel good when you wake up or finish your work and look around to see a clean room.

Jane Simpson
I believe the places you spend the most time in are the ones you should focus on keeping clean because the better environment you live in, the better your mood will be.

Sander Kristensen
I don’t own a house since I’m only a teenager but I would prefer to keep the whole house tidy since that is your living space. If I had to pick a room it would be the room that motivates you the most. What I mean by that is what room do you do your work in. What room is where you feel happy about it being clean for me it’s my bedroom it’s Decorated in a way to motivate me (I hang up my running numbers on the wall) I keep the floor clear to make me feel better when I wake up in the morning just little things like that. I hope this helps💖

Alberte Jørgensen
A bed to give a refreshing sleep, a bathroom to wash every slowing thought away and a kitchen to give room for a creative nurrishing meal to be prepared.

Heinz-joachim Zeller
KITCHEN!! I find that when my sink is full of dishes and the counters are littered with mail or food or spices, I don’t want to spend time there. I have to keep the kitchen clean so I can cook and eat in a healthier manner

Mille Andersen
The most important part is a combination of what you and you partner complain about. For me it’s just stuff laying around. For my partner it’s dirt and grim on the floor. So I make it a two part cleaning daily. The morning before work I pick up everything around the house. After work I sweep and vacuum. Every other day I mop.

During my cleaning routine I’ll randomly add other stuff like clothes or dishes or whatever but picking up and sweeping are daily.

It’s all about what you find the most important to make you home feel comfortable.

Gina Castro
It’s the kitchen for me. Can’t function properly if it’s not. No room to prep healthy food and that leads to eating out too much.

Kylian Leroy
Well, that is a hard question to answer. My first thought is the bathroom because this is where you get ready for the day, and also prepared for sleep. Seeing this room messy may cause you stress at those times in the day when you're getting geared up for the day, or winding down for the night.

If the bathroom isn't clean, you're not able to feel relaxed.

Glenda Harper
Your bedroom. It should be your sanctuary and each day you return from your busy day it should rise up to meet you. You should spend some time each day ensuring the space is clean and tidy.

Marilete Ferreira
Hi, hygenic places comes first to clean. For clutter, having your wardrobe tidy and clean. You can start a day with a smile instead of hurry and concern.

Karla Petersen
I prefer the kitchen and bathrooms to be kept clean all the time! A clean, uncluttered bathroom makes for a lovely space to relax with a bath or a shower. Having a clean kitchen makes cooking a more flamboyant meal less of a chore as you already have less to clean up!

Tobias Pedersen
The kitchen or your bedroom depending on which room you use the most. It's nice to walk into a clean kitchen when you're ready to cook a meal. But there is nothing like getting into fresh sheets at bedtime.

Aléxio Da cunha
To be honest, I’ve never kept a super clean house. Since my fiancé moved in, he likes a clean floor. Even with 2 puppies, I’m doing a better job at least sweeping and vacuuming every day. Mopping still happens sporadically though. 🙂 Would love to find a good robot mop! 🙂

Jeffrey Powell
First is kitchen, because that is where ur food is served. If u cook in an untidy space there is a higher potential for food born bacteria.
Second is bathrooms, because this is where mold and mildew can easily grow.

Third is bedroom and last is the living area

Amy Kuhn
I don’t think there is a most important part. Keeping your entire house clean allows you to unclutter your mind and body and move freely in your space. If you are trying to start with one area of your home and move forward, I would start with your bedroom. Waking up and falling asleep in a tidy space allows you to begin and end your day peacefully.

Abigail Sanchez
Clean is probably the wrong term, I'm not really a fan of clean per say. Nothing is ever really clean anyway. Its order. If the environment you inhabit has order it allows your mind to be calm, and your life also to have order. Clean is more about worry, order is about structure. In that respect I'm not sure that any one place is more important than any other.

Marilou Denis
The living room and the bedroom. These are sanctuary spaces and I am honoring myself, Nate, and the space by keeping it clean. By keeping things off the floor I’m honoring the dogs and my things as well.

Pérsio Jesus
I think that’s up to you! Whatever room you find the lose stressful when it’s not in order, or whatever room you spend the most time in. For me I try and keep my bedroom clean every single day. A lot of work? Yes. But it’s getting easier and I enjoy waking up to a cleaner room.

Antonina Janson
Kitchen, for sure. If the kitchen is a mess you’re less likely to want to cook and it makes it harder to keep healthy eating habits up and then you’re less likely to want to exercise. Keeping the kitchen clean is low-key Part of the foundation to keeping my life together.

Nikolaj Olsen
I am tempted to say everywhere but it’s impossible to have all the house clean at the same time …. especially with a toddler 😅. So I try to keep everywhere tidy as much as possible and clean the bathroom and living room most.

Francisco Ross
I would say the living room since it is usually the first thing you see when you come home and where you spend the most time.

Tracy Taylor
The kitchen sink. Somehow if the sink is full of toppled over dishes I feel paralyzed so the cleanliness of the entire house falls apart.

Vanessa Da conceição
It’s a tie between the kitchen and the bathroom for me. Lots of health and sanitation issues. Also when they are clean it motivates you to declutter and clean other areas to make the whole house more comfortable.

Isaac Oliver
I think the most important people to clean is the kitchen. It’s where food is kept, people gather, and usually the center for making things (not always food.)

Valdemar Møller
The most important part of home to keep clean for me is the living room because I spend most of my time there watching TV and reading. Whenever I come back home from work, I stay there for certain time.

Chris Jackson
All of it. Surfaces, floors, bed, closet, and keeping clutter to a minimum. I do daily cleaning and deep cleaning weekly.

Judy Gomez
That’s a funny question. I’m a bit on the side thinking 🤔 of course everything. My mother puts it in perspective …. she has wisdom .. in her words “only the rooms people see😉.” Which to her means bathroo, living room, entry way, and kitchen.

Naja Jørgensen
I would say the kitchen is the most important part of the home to keep clean. Why? Because that's where one prepares yummy delicacies.

Oscar Hansen
The kitchen. The kitchen being clean not only makes the whole house look cleaner, but also enables us to easily cook healthier meals.

Joyce Willis
Clothes. Laundry is so hard to keep organized especially when there are piles, well MOUNDS, of clothes. Keep them neat & fold RIGHT AWAY! While still warm.

Cathy Powell
It’s important to me to keep the kitchen & restroom clean. I use to be slob & let things sit for a long time & now I’m getting the urge to clean it if it’s dirty. So the feeling of wanting to do it is slowly but surely coming in but still gotta be more consistent in it.

Ted Newman
That’s a tough one. Whole place needs to be tidy, decluttered. I grew up in the South so we have guests over frequently so the social areas are important. However, if you live in a studio or a one bedroom, find a place that’s your place (your altar, your space). Maybe it’s your bedroom and your sleeping area that are your end of the day sanctuary places to unwind. Maybe it’s your home office because you work in there all day. Find your space and fill it with memories, inspirations, books, pictures, etc.

Tomas Bothe
The most important part of the home to keep clean is the bedroom and the bathroom. I use these rooms to have “Me- Time” and to relax and trying to relax in a tidied up room is going to work but when you’re in a chaotic room you always feel kind of bad that it isn’t tidied up.

Gerald Richardson
Cleanliness is next to godliness so I’m challenged to answer your question, because I think my entire house should be clean. If I had to choose, perhaps the kitchen would be my first choice, because that is where our food is prepared. On the other hand, if I wanted to make a good first impression on visitors, the entrance to my house, which happens to be open to the formal living & dining rooms would be my choice.

Naja Olsen
The share living space. It’s where are you spend the most time awake and also where other people gather together. Having a dirty, cluttered, or a messy shared living space can cause stress and overall make someone unhappy.

Oliver Poulsen
Your room, as it’s the space you see at the very start and end of your day. If it’s organized, you’ll have an organized mindset for your day, and feel relaxed when you come home with everything in order

Alexander Wiest
I’d have to say the kitchen and living room. Kitchen due to it being dirty attracts bugs. And the living room for when visitors arrive.

Marvin Vasquez
I usually keep the living room cleaner than other areas because that’s where we relax & unwind. If it’s a mess it’s hard to do that…plus every other area seems to get dirty within minutes anyway;)

Anette Frenz
The most important part of your home to always keep clean is your kitchen and living room area. Because you need it nice and tidy for any surprise visits. And very simple to keep up with tidying up your home is by always starting the day with making your bed.

Roland Sanders
The room in which you spend the most time. For me it’s the living room and seeing it tidy instantly makes me feel better and more relaxed.

Nicoline Johansen
From highest to lowest priority,

1. Your special place, whatever that may be
2. Your work area
3. Your room
4. Living room/ entertainment area

Felix Møller
The whole house is important to keep clean. With a messy house it causes unnecessary stress. But the kitchen is the most important part for me as I really love cooking big meals.

Elisa Noel
I think it’s the kitchen since that’s where you make the food, or the living room since that’s where everyone spends time in.

Albert Poulsen
The kitchen. The kitchen sees a lot of germs and salmonella, in order to stay healthy you need to make sure the area your preparing food is safe.

Calvin Kennedy
I would say all parts are important, because you don’t want to live and invite guests into a dirty place. So clean every day for just 20 minutes to keep your place nice and neat. But for me, the most important part to keep clean is my work space, because if that’s all dirty and unorganised, I won’t be able to work well.

Brice Nunes
My personal opinion is the bathroom. It’s the place that guests might have to enter in your home most likely, and if the toilet paper isn’t stocked or there’s mold growing somewhere, they will not feel very comforted when thinking about their next visit. Always make sure the toilet is working and clean, towels are readily available, and there’s nothing out of place that you could fall on.

Nicoline Olsen
Your mind and your heart. Everything else follows.
But to be more practical; the space where you spend the most time; your room where you sleep. Sleeping in discord isn’t easy. If the room where you sleep is nice and cozy and clean, it’s like a miracle. Your sleep is so much better!

Acúrsio Nogueira
Kitchen! If we clean kitchen every night, the next morning we step to a nice lovely kitchen and we get start already on a fruit of yesterday effort

Mille Larsen
The most important part of the home to keep clean is the room that you spend the most time in, be that a bedroom, kitchen or living room. That room will effect you most so is the most important to keep clean.

Matéo Henry
The kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen has food items that could attract insects, spoil causing mold, and other things that can cause bodily harm. Keeping a clean kitchen eliminates the chance for cross contamination. Keeping a clean bathroom lowers the probability of cross contamination from the bathroom to other areas of the house.

Jasão Campos
The whole house to be honest. The bathroom and kitchen for hygiene, the living room for relaxing and the bedroom for a peaceful sleep without clutter

Jeffery Fox
Make your bed, it’s symbolic. Take of the quilt, shake it, brush the bits of hair and dust off your mattress, put your pillow back in place. Lay your quilt flat, and get on with your day. It takes 2-3 minutes and you will thank yourself later.

Daryl Henderson
A kitchen, definitely. Although, keeping your workplace and bedroom neat and tidy is important as well. The more time your spend in some place, the more clean it should be.