How to enjoy cleaning house?

Kelsey Q.
Play music! I find dancing and cleaning go so well together. Work on one area at a time and find a system that works for you!

Osmar F.
I don't actually enjoy cleaning the house but i know i have to to it. Just put some music on and don't think about anything. You can easily run away from your problems and do something productive as well.

Valerie U.
Blast some of your favorite tunes, bring your animal or pet in with you while you clean, or give yourself a small reward for each item you tackle! Incorporating fun into the cleaning process makes the time pass faster.

Mishelle F.
I normally listen to music while I do so or listen to my favorite preachers (I am christian) or just play dome stand up comedy to laugh a bit while I clean.

Dilia Y.
Music dancing’s celebrating. When you’re done you will have a clean environment. Clean a bit everyday so things don’t no get overwhelming and it’s more rewarding than work