How do I become faster at cleaning? Since I’m so slow. It takes so much time.

Katerina E.
I actually like to go slow and put music or a podcast in and really focus in on mindfulness. You’re using all your senses while you clean so you may as well take note of them. This way, you aren’t stressed and fighting through them, you’re reveling in it. You’re watching your progress come through and you’re fully present for every minute of it. If feels like an accomplishment more than a chore that just needs to get done.
Ashley O.
Well I would say to try one thing at a time. Usually I would get all the dishes/ items and put them where they belong next I would get the laundry done and put where it goes. Then I get the trash and throw it away. Then get finish up the rest. Try rewarding yourself afterwards. I wish the best of luck to you!