How do you prioritise what room to clean first?

Xarina N.
I usually start with my bedroom because that’s the place where I stay the most especially after school. Then I’d look into places like the kitchen and vacuum the living room
Faustine I.
I star usually with the small rooms that doesn't need alot of work or energy such as my bed then I move to the other rooms like the living room…and last I do the kitchen because it needs alot of work
Robyn N.
I usually have a set list of daily housework that I know needs to be done so that the home doesn’t turn into shambles & falls so far behind that it’s a big chore to clean it. I keep that list in the notes section of my phone & will check off what was done..& over the years I do tweak what needs to be done first if I find that one room keeps getting the list is a loose generalization to keep me focused on what I need to tidy for up keep but if it’s missed for emergencies or switched to a deep clean day it’s I make sure it’s open enough for that. My personal cleaning list is built into my routines around the house to make it easier to do as well. As an example, my days usually look like this: Wake up, start morning routine (stretches/water/pills/push ups/wash face) THEN tidy both bedrooms (make beds, open curtains/remove dishes/water glasses/dirty laundry, replace misplaced items/optionally open windows for air if nice) THEN a quick check of the upstairs bath (straighten shower curtain/mat if Mister forgot it/put away any straggling items/start washer of laundry day)..This takes all of about 20-30 minutes. As soon as that is done, upstairs is considered all tidied & everything else would be extra or deep clean! So I head down stairs, & start breakfast. If it’s a quick one, I’ll bring the Mister his in the office & eat right away too, if it’s one that requires a little bit of cooking in the oven, like hash browns..I’ll again switch my list to accommodate with this routine. Wether it’s before or after breakfast I’ll do a quick look over of the living room for dishes & misplaced items, open the curtains(windows) & double check there’s no mess in the half bath. I’ll then clean out the kitty litter box in his storage closet. Breakfast is ALWAYS done before tidying the kitchen in my routine, because there’s just more dishes that get left behind it I don’t. I move all the dried recycling to its bins, put away all clean hand washed dishes & straggling items around the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, load & start, do a hand wash if all remaining delicate dishes & rinse any recycling that was sitting & let that rest in the rack then wipe down the surfaces & give a quick sweep to the cooking area.
Then I’m all set to have my morning coffee & relax for a little before I start on my deep work from my agenda!🙌 which depending on the day will have an extra chore for deeper cleaning various parts of the house. It’s always easier to keep a house tidied up than it is to clean it from top to bottom ever time. Putting a few minutes in daily saves hours of scrubbing & elbow grease later
Nas A.
The room u spend most of your time in. the room u want to put the greatest effort into cleaning, organizing it, to make it feel more welcoming, and a place u can be productive and fulfilled in
Abel T.
I figure out how it will best benefit my daily routine. What will make my life easier? Will it also make me happier being organized here? Is this something I can do without getting too dizzy?
Abdallah O.
First I look at which one I use the most which is living room so I have like a systemic way like first clean the living room then kitchen then the bed room