Yes say you have children and they always mess up things constantly . How do I still manage to keep it clean and tidy?

Ronnie C.
Discipline and respect of the household is key. This house is not a Holiday Inn, its our castle and it will be treated as such. Children inside this house dont really mess things up, a broken plate cam happen to anyone and do not punish kids if something happens, explain how to prevent accidents and you will succeed teaching the rules of the house
Salvador B.
I don't have children, only a brother who always messes up my room. Usually I pack my room in the afternoon and I just sweep it so the room isn't very clean.
Dakota W.
Tell them that they have to contribute to cleaning the house, or I take away something they like. (Ex. TV, phone, makeup, video games, etc.)
Jonna Y.
Försöker lära dom att städa och försöka se till att de faktiskt gör det att om man använt något måste man plocka ihop det efter. Och så försöker jag också hjälpa och städa och försöker ha ordning
Ernest J.
I think you should put toys I. Bins with labels, then you can encourage them to clean up and learn which bin to put things in
Malo Q.
Teach them to put things back to their place after using them or after they are done playing. Also a good schedule and sharing the housework with the significant other is important.
Adrualdo C.
I do not have children, but for myself I would make sure to just do a little everyday. With kids maybe do the same and ask them to join in for just a few minutes.
Sendy Q.
I do make the morning routine before they wake up so i can have my own time, then evening after they sleep. I still work it out in afternoon, that’s the hardest one.
Lacie Q.
I do my best to take things out of a room that don’t belong there and put them where they go. Every time I get up from my seat w looking for things that are out of place.
Wesley S.
Would it help to minimise the number of tasks on your list to the few you feel you can consistently achieve, even on really rough days? Drinking some water and brushing your teeth might be a real win on a super hard day.
Jacob C.
Like with my children. I incorporated a positive re-enforcement(reward) system that would attract my boys into participating. Since they are way different in the things they liked. I allowed and adjusted the reward each would receive depending on the choire. I also too into consideration the different modivation factor for each personality. for instance let say i want my lawn mowed. I have to approach them differently. one of my boys you tell him once and he does it. The other you have to get on to him to do the lawn. That said" the son that needed to be more reminded i gave him a bonus each time i told him once. the got his bonus every time the other one got a bonus. Followed up every couple of weeks to make any adjustments. I also allowed there input which raised their participation.
Brent J.
I personally don't have children, but I think it's good to teach them good hygienic and tidy habits. Not only will your house remain tidy, but it will also give your children a useful trait that can help them in their own future lives.
Dietrich S.
You don’t succed all the time keep the house clean. I spleate the area in two parts: evrey day in day area and Inchichen, once In Weekend the beadrooms and bathroom
Letitia T.
If you childen leaves toys laying around the house, teach them to bring them back in a certain place after playing. It has to be something simple like a storage box or a closet. Teach them to wipe their feet before stepping inside and remind to bring dishes to the sink after eating. Hardest part is to make these things a habit. But once you accomplish that cleaning is much more easy. You can motivate them to follow the rules by reducing tv time or cutting desert off if they refuse to play by the rules. And one last thing, try to find 15 minutes to do one cleaning task if you feel like there isn't enough time (vacuuming, doing the dishes etc) you don't have to do all at once everyday.
Jonas P.
I will give them a talk about being tidy and put things away when they’re done. If that doesn’t work I will show them/ give examples of ways to be clean. I will try to have a spot for everything, so everyone in the house knows where everything is and it will be less cluttered. But i will not overwork myself with cleaning, I will rest and let my house be a little messy sometimes. But I will be responsible and my kids will be. For cleaning up the house and there mess.
Athena M.
I can teach them how to tidy up and some reasons why they should clean it up so they can learn even more when they get older
Lily A.
I organize a specific area where the children can play in, i will make sure that that area is big enough for all the toys and all the things they want to play with, maybe on the living room rug. However, i will not allow them to scatter their items all around the house, neither will i allow them to play in their rooms as their sleeping quarters need to be kept tidy and i want to get them used to such thoughts of keeping bedroom areas clean and tidy.
Sergio N.
I would use a combination of gamification and reward systems to incentivize my children to clean independently. I have to make sure it's fun, what are the rules, goals, resources available, consequences, time frames and rewards.
Jamaya W.
Well actually, I have siblings so this question is relatable . Once I’ve cleaned for the day, I sit them down in the living space and cut on a movie, or allow them to alternate what they want to watch. I’ll allow them to bring SOME toys to the living room with them, and that’s where they will be until time to go to bed. Once it’s time to go to bed, they’ll clean up their toys, and get ready for bed.. The rest of the house should remain untouched because they’ve been in the living space.
Jojo U.
Keep a routine where you can clean the house. Make it like a fun game that your kids will want to play and at the end, give them a reward like a cookie. This will want to make them clean the house, knowing that they have a positive outcome. Do this one a week, month, year, day, whatever will work for you and your real or theoretical kids.
Aubree B.
Will wait for them to go to bed and clean up especially before dinner. I will also teach them on why it's important to keep the place clean and how they will cleaned it up when I'm not around.
Annaliese F.
I think i woud talk to them and figure out a way that we can do together to keep it more clean, maybe have a special day where we clean together and give them a reward if they clean good. Then We coud make a to-do list and when they did all that they coud get candy or something.
Adam W.
Let them clean up their own messes that way they will learn to take resposibility. If you clean for them they wont learn anything.
Madeline E.
I would teach them slowly how to clean up a mess and have a set 35 minutes a day that we use to clean up, but won’t tell them off cause we all make messes
Kiasha J.
I have a two year old and live in a small apartment. You have to be realistic about what is considered “tidy”. Create a new definition of clean. Things the baby plays with every day. You can organize them in arms reach or separate messy toys and big toys and rotate them based on if you feel like playing or not. Just realizing kids are naturally messy and your house isn’t going to be tidy all the time until they’re older will help a lot. I have a goal I keeping the kitchen clean and the living room decent and the bathroom clean
Est Cio S.
First of all, teach every child to clean up after themselves. If they were playing with something and want to switch to something else, the first activiteiten has to be cleared.
Secondly, do the same thing for yourself. Divide the day in 3 or 4 periods and make sure everything is a bit tidied for 10 minutes at the end. Lastly, don't go to bed or start your day without making sure your sleeping and working place is clean.
Good luck!!!
Scott P.
Setting expectations for my and not losing my cool when they don’t meet them. Helping them where I can while tidying things myself so they can see I do it too and don’t feel like the only one.
Kizzie S.
I don’t have children, but as the oldest child, I had to essentially help raise my younger siblings and cousins. Keeping things clean and tidy was almost impossible. Constantly picking up things isn’t really practical either. I waited until they sleep and tidy. For the older ones, help them remember to play in a certain area or have them clean up.
Gimeno Q.
I would make a rule that they can't take anymore toys out to play if they have old ones still on the floor. If they want to play with something new, the old one has to be put back. With other chores start with short and easy tasks like vaccuuming, give them change to try it themself. You can also ask them to bring dirty dishes to sink and then ask them to help you dry the dishes. Try to get them help with cooking and baking too, that teaches them that if you do something you also need to clean after yourself, but you get rewarded after with delicous food!
Raoul T.
How to actually do that depends a lot on their age. 4yo requires a different approach than 16yo. Key is to get to a routine together. Eg, clean up every day for 10 minutes together. Also, positive reinforcement: first we clean, after that we do xyz which they enjoy.
Leroy J.
Well ones they are in bed I clean everything
The next day if they make a mess I have them help cleaning it up.then I have them seat down and play with there tablets or have them watch a movie or their favorite show.
La R Z.
Find some way to make tidying up fun for them. This will encourage them to do it more, especially if you occasionally encourage with little treats. Otherwise, go for little tasks at a time in order to keep on top of it, put on music as you tidy, and enjoy it in a therapeutic way. Your kids will see it and want to join in with you as it's so fun!
Benjamin E.
I always try to put the things to their place and tidy constantly in order to keep the place clean. I tell my children that there will be a reward if they clean after themselves when that’s possible for example they could build the toys to their place.
Dolores Z.
I would focus on little things at a time and if you put your mind to it it will be good but maybe try get your kids to help as well xx
Philip Y.
I don't quarrel them . I manage two or three hours a day to play and do whatever they want . When they get tired and not to play anymore I will say to them collect their things and then I want them to rest or sleep .
Ma Lys E.
Depends on the age of the children. If they are 7 or above they should clean up their own mess. Teach them how to properly put away and clean so that they know what the expectation is. If your child is under the age of 7 I would say set rules. Clean one area of the house and tell your child that you cleaned that room and would like to keep it that way and redirect the kid to a different room. If the child wants/ has to be in that room let them mess it up and then make it a game to pick up their mess. Some examples of games would be sort toys by color, sort toys by bin, see how fast you can put away toys, etc.
Lisa U.
Well, you could try making a "play zone" for your kids, so that they will only mess up thing only on their part of the house and you'll have to clean less than bifore in less time!
Elsie J.
I was a 5 Star Nanny for 18 years. I loved my job but there was a lot of time cleaning up messes. Don’t give them free access to the entire house. My kids stayed in a play space that had boundaries. If they wanted to move to another space or go outside, they needed to clean up their messes first. Don’t do it for them! They need to learn how to clean up their own messes!
Galilea N.
It’s normal to have kids make mess but you should tell them they have to pick up after themselves that way they’re learn a habit of playing and not making as much mess since they know they have to clean it up after
Basile E.
Involving the children could be a great way to keep it clean and tidy because with children involved, you can teach them the importance of being tidy. Try to find ways to make that activity more fun. I simply just listen to music when cleaning but you could achieve that by adding a rewarding system that could help make the kids feel more excited to complete the tasks/chores. It's also important to keep calm and speak gently towards them with matters like this because otherwise children will feel off-put and less frilled about these activities in future. Just like adults they get frustrated and overwhelmed by these things too so it's important to remember to work together with them, not against them. If time out is needed then time out should be enforced.
Ion Q.
Teach them that if they keep things tidy, everyone will be happier / show that you are upset or sad when they don't clean stuff
Mandy O.
Give the the children a sense of autonomy and responsibility by giving them 'cleaning time', where they have to help you tidy the mess they created. Reward them after.
Osmar Q.
Personally I don't have children, but I have younger cousins who make quite the mess! However, I found what helps all of us keep organized and that is creating a weekly schedule to follow, preferably on the weekend. This is were you make a list of everything that needs to get done and divide the tasks among everyone (assuming there are others in the house hold). Make sure to provide a reward to everyone, whether it's candy, money or just some self care time, to make sure everyone remains motivated. Remember that this is a weekly thing and that everyone can tidy up a little even if it isn't a reset day (this is what I like to call the routine). If your house isn't already clean enough to follow through with the reset, don't fear! Just pick up the house and when it is clean, then start doing the routine. It is tedious at first, but you'll get in a rythem and you'll find that your life will me much less stressful and more organized and happy.
Jessie O.
Well you can ground your kids in their room and take all of their toys out and let's say for instance lock it in a room or say and then do all your tidying listening to music
Isa N.
Patience. Though I don’t have much at the moment, Someday, I’ll be able to say I’m a patient person. Cleaning isn’t a problem, some day the child will have to learn how to clean until then I would try to have as much patience.
Johan F.
Depends on their age but also get a crate for them and teach them at the end of the day to put all their toys inside. But also the mess is a bit part of having children😃
Lorana Z.
I am a kjd and a messx person but i ceap clean by this app. I just listen you everything it says and I live when they say nice work or something like that bc I know I did that for my own good if I faked it I woudn't feel anything when I finnish all tasks but siece i acctualy do them i am really happy. 🙂