Yes say you have children and they always mess up things constantly . How do I still manage to keep it clean and tidy?

Gimeno Q.
I would make a rule that they can't take anymore toys out to play if they have old ones still on the floor. If they want to play with something new, the old one has to be put back. With other chores start with short and easy tasks like vaccuuming, give them change to try it themself. You can also ask them to bring dirty dishes to sink and then ask them to help you dry the dishes. Try to get them help with cooking and baking too, that teaches them that if you do something you also need to clean after yourself, but you get rewarded after with delicous food!

Lisa U.
Well, you could try making a "play zone" for your kids, so that they will only mess up thing only on their part of the house and you'll have to clean less than bifore in less time!