How often do i have to clean my bed sheets?

Lloyd Z.
About once a week. We take a shower before going to bed so we are not getting it much dirty. But we do like a nice fresh bed so I clean it on saturday am.
Dominic G.
I imagine it depends on a lot of things but I wash mine about once a month. Sometimes more, especially if the pup is dirty or if a kid munches on some crackers nearby 🤣
Sarah O.
I rarely ever changed my bedsheets growing up. I had no idea how gross they get! As an adult I change them every 2 weeks.
Emily Q.
Unclean bedsheet disgust me i have a good night when I have fresh sheets I use gain high efficiency pods and gain fresh scents beads because my clothes are so heavenly to touch and I will smell them through my day it’s absolutely amazing and everything I own has a freshly washed smell of blossoms and it lasts for so long ! So for sheets my preference is once a week however if i don’t sleep every single night that week in my own bedroom and then I’ll do it every two weeks lol and I wanna buy mew sheets now I’m going to do that ! Just for me l 🙂 heheh
Kirsten Y.
It really depends. Are you sweating a lot? Do you have a cat or dog shedding? Do you have a kid making messes? Do you have another person using the sheets with you? Some do weekly. I’m a single non sweaty woman who doesn’t eat in bed so I go about monthly 🤫
Kaitlin E.
I’ve wondered this myself. I would say this depends on if you are sharing them with another person. I would suggest once every couple of weeks if you sleep alone, once every week if someone else shares your sheets.