I think that cleaning your home about two times a week allows you to just have to do dishes, laundry, making bed(s), etc. each day, only needing to tidy up on the other days. Of course that does not apply to those with children. Is that the case for most of you?

Lucie T.
for me i live with my family so i only have to clean my room and bathroom , once a day i give myself 10minutes or less to tidy up and maintain a clean living area. i also vacuum and do laundry once a week
Geetanjali F.
Ya I am not a kid but ya clean house make my heart happy if you take my house ok leave my house if I spent only six hours a day but it looks like a 24 hour like mess.this is not enough housewives do so much do you please it it is 925 job with 0 cash free free free .think and answer keep your home near.☺️
Ezio E.
I find that most days there really is the same amount of work to be done especially with young children who constantly changing and continue to make mess that they just don't clean up
Tasia V.
Having children, regardless of age, makes this model not work as seamlessly. In order for it to work, the 10 min daily tidy up needs to be done by each able-bodied member of
the family, ideally in the common rooms of the home. Laundry is best left as a once or twice per week task instead. Honestly, families generate so much clutter & mess just living in a home, you need to stay on top of it!
Mia T.
If I don’t have little pick ups and tidy ups everyday even if it just a little bit with a deep clean once every two weeks the I can’t keep up and get overwhelmed
Marlene U.
If gotten into the hapit of puting things in theyre "place". That way i know where to grab it from and ir wont just be littered on my table or anywhere else. If i have tjings lying around i grab a bag/basket and put everything that belongs in there. Then i pit everything in the bag in its place, saves me multible trips back and forth.
Daisy A.
Well for starters I do have children three toddlers twins girls an a son and my two oldest daughters with there dad. I typically do dishes about two times a day and use the dish washer once every night. I clean about four to five times a day vaccum about twice a day in the main rooms. I do laundry every Friday and Saturday. Except for busy weeks I'll do an extra load or two during the week. I guess with me personally I don't just have time for a perfectly clean house with kids constantly following behind messing things up lol.
Victor C.
It really helps to stay organized and clean. Cleaning and tidy helps me alot mentally and physically. It's better to keep tidy so your mind doesn't feel clutter or stressed.