How do you balance between things that need to be cleaned one time vs those that need to be cleaned on a daily basis?

Angel Z.
Things that typically need to be cleaned one time I set aside for a certain day so I can knock those out in the morning or evening. Everyday cleaning I do a little at a time throughout the day. In all honesty I feel like I am constantly cleaning up after my son and dogs so I always make sure I take time to not get so overwhelmed. Days I am overwhelmed I remember my happiness I more important than keeping the house completely spotless. A messy organized home is a well loved and lived in home.
Tan J.
I write out a list and then do them as I go throught my day.
There will be sometimes that things can't get done due to heavy schedule, appointments and even when you get sick. But,once all that's out the way get back ontop of it all. It's life.