Dishes. Do you prefer to wash and straightaway dry them, or let them dry off by themselves before putting them away? Which one is more efficient to your opinion?

Alice Z.
I typically let the dishes air dry because I take the opportunity to do other things while they dry. I can take the time to draw, respond to messages or emails, or do some other cleaning.
Maria Q.
I leave my dishes to dry off by themselves, I think it is more efficient that way. Drying them right away is a waste of time and resources and that time could be used to do other chores and by the time you've finished, the dishes would be dry.
Calogero S.
I hate dishes but I do wash them and then wipe down everything and sweep then dry dishes put away then mop then when floor is dry I finish cleaning sink area and put down my rug and move on to next room..
Raghad U.
I never really had to make them dry myself unless i had something that would be affected by the water droplets on the plates. I usually just let them dry on their own. Hope that helps.
Ngue T.
Now. This may just be a personal preference, but i would much rather leave them dry by themselves, than dry them off myself. Idk, its just..better for me.
George S.
Well, my mum normally does the dishes but I tend to help out, give them a little scrub with a tea towel or whatever you use to dry things and leave them for a little while hopefully that answered your question ๐Ÿ™‚