How do you take care of the accumulating items in your room?

Beatriz Y.
I usually clean up my room when I wake up because I can’t get any work done in a messy space. I do have a place to “hide” things that might be scattered such as my unfolded laundry etc. However, I tidy that hidden place at least once a week. Overall, I just avoid leaving things around; if they have a certain place for them, that’s where they should be put the minute you’re finished with it.
Amalie C.
When things start to accumulate in my room such as clothes that are laid out, I tend to shove and hide it in my closet so it is out of my sight but if the pile gets too big I start to sort it and clean from there. As for dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning overall, I try to do it monthly when I have the time.