I feel like I am always cleaning my house. How can I make this feel less like a chore?

Norman R.
Cleaning can often feel like a chore. One way to enjoy it is to listen to some good music. Get your jam on and nothing feels like a pain anymore!
Casey C.
I feel as though if I make a set schedule with what I have to have clean 🧼 everyday it will make my living space cleaner & also easier to organize for equal time and products it takes to use 🍀
Lana I.
You could try and listen to music. Keep a healthy mindset while doing so. Combining chores with fun things that you love to do can be very fun and productive at the same time.
Cecilie Z.
Listening to music preferably lively music to keep your spirits up. Plan the order of chores so you don’t get confused and do things halfway.
Mook N.
I think it's helpful to set up the system and specify place for each categories or particular objects. Keep your surface clean, and your shelf categorized in box. Then when you take it to use, return it back to its place. Take around 5 mins each day to keep whatever left on surface, table, countertop back to its place and wipe the surface clean. I used vacumm robot and it just make chore alot less troblemsome. Take another 10-15 mins to clean clothes, change bedding, or what chore you have to. 3-4 mins for washing dishes. Make it like a game to complete with in time, it's more fun that way. Remember to take out, donate, throw away stuff that no longer spark joy or you didn't use it at all for more than 3 months. You're likely to use it at all and it took up space of your home.
Kai I.
I like to listen to music while cleaning and make a little competition to see how much I can do in a set amount of time. I see it as an integral part of my daily routines. My brain needs food but it also needs to live in a clean house in order to think properly
Jaqueline F.
I think if u clean your house 2-3 days because it's gonna prevent cleaning your house and if u can organize atleast 1 or 2 things once a week u can be alright
Solape Z.
Good am or pm…
Most people see chores as "chores" which is why it is less fun. But then, there's always a way out for every problem.
Make out a score sheet, for bonus points.
Then, for each 5 points, attach a cash prize. If you're with an older authority like your parents or guardian, show them the plan and how you want them to reward you for each 5 points (depending on how you choose to score it). Studies have shown that when you attach a prize to something, you tend to work more for it. The reward might not be cash, it might be a treat or whichever reward will please you. In all tho…remember that all you're doing is for the greater Good, as you won't like your house to look like a messy sty😏…but all the same…I hope this works for you and be sure to know that Jesus loves you♥️♥️
Elly O.
I am still looking for that answer myself and when looking at it as a choir then comes anger frustration and bitterness to the ones around
Stephen C.
Start being greatful for the joy the items in your home give you. If the items don't spark joy it may be time to get rid of some. Also helps to put on some headphones 😊
Jeppe N.
It feels less like a chore when you have fun with it. Turn on some music! Dance it out! It can be lit if you just enjoy yourself
Nino Q.
I would think of maybe trying to maintain it clean and making it easier for yourself to clean by changing stuff up. If dishes bother you, maybe invest in paper dishes or recyclable single use ones to reduce the workload. Try to keep your area tidy so you have to do less long term, and you will only need to dust and clean areas you use often. Maybe set certain times for cleaning and give yourself a limit on how long you can spend so you can stop thinking about it after it is done, and get more done in that time. If you can afford it, having better tools or things like dishwashers to ease the job or even getting someone to help keep the place clean may help.
Eliot Z.
Maybe listen to something you like, or make it a challenge for yourself. (Time how fast you can pick things up, try and beat your record each time.)
Sneha N.
I’m not really sure! But if you like listening to music like me , you could play some music and clean your house or You could take 1-3 minutes from cleaning and start cleaning again:).