Do you Tidy up a room at time or you choose some “hotspot” in which work?

Jordan E.
I started making a to do list in the mornings and after my morning routine is done i have been trying to straighten up my room.
Sheila P.
It depends. I often wait until things are starting to get pretty messy before I tidy, but can also see the benefits of doing a little here and a little there. I think trying to get into the habit of 15 minutes of tidying in the evening when it is quiet is a good thing.
Anna O.
For this, I do whatever is most important (dishes, put away leftovers, clean a spot I need to use) and what ever is the most improvement for the least work. I save more in-depth cleaning for the weekend when I have more time.
Katja B.
I cleaned up those areas that have bothered me for a while and that I see often, after that I felt energised to do some things I'd been putting of like doing my taxes, booking a doctor's appointment, potting some plants and some fun stuff like hanging up paintings
Gizem F.
My apartment has an open concept layout, so my living room and kitchen are one area. I tend to focus on the kitchen though.
Rico N.
Usually a room at a time. I do get more done when I hit hotspots. A room at a time can be overwhelming as I end up moving furniture and cleaning windows etc
Sofia T.
Yes I tidy up my bed room when it is messy and I will move things that I don’t need out of the way so my hole room is clean
Lex M.
I tidy a room at a time, as then I can focus on what I need to do in that room. If I only cleaned and tidied one room, I would get very bored. I like to be inspired 💕
Mariah N.
Actually I tidy up in my room every morning I wake up then after having classes I start tidy up at my house .My day starts at 9 o'clock when I tidy up in my room and and I start tidy up at my house in every time of day
Rene C.
Sometimes I will tidy a whole room but if I'm short on time then I will tidy hotspots as this will make a start on the tidying.
Erin N.
For my evening tidy up, I mostly focus on the living area. I have a one year old daughter so at the end of the day it looks like a tornado went through the living room. I will put away all of her toys and then if I finish that I will move onto another small area.
Victor G.
I tidy up certain things and other times I tidy up what ever my mind or eyes see as long as it gets done and the room looks decentable.
Romain Y.
I prefer tidying up a room at a time because I like to just focus on what needs doing in that room. However, if the room requires a lot of tidying I also prefer to tidy up one hotspot.

When I finish tidying a room I feel a sense of accomplishment whereas when I tidy a hotspot I don’t feel like I can relax because I will be focused on the other hotspot at hand.

Karla P.
I picked a spot. The chest in the living room of all my daughters toys was yesterday. Today I organized my garage gym, which was about 75% done and just needed the last bit to go through, oh! And under the kitchen sink.
G Raldine F.
Unfortunately i am rather erratic about this. It still brings fulfillment…. it's the results I am after and i usually tackle the messiest areas, sometimes as a break from whatever i am doing
Erik R.
I tend to tidy up based on tasks that are linked. I see plates in one room and take themto the sink, then I notice that there's food on the floor so I sweep. It's kind of like stream of consciousness cleaning.
Ilona O.
I usually like to tidy a whole room. Sometimes it might start with a hotspot, but then I want to finish the job off properly.
Monik A.
Since I am working from home now, I am trying to get inte the habit of putting away all of my work related things when I am done working and right before I go to bed, I set up my workspace again. This way in the morning I am ready to start working right away without distractions and it feels like I just got to the office.
"hotspot"??? Cool way to put it. In my handicapped situation I have to do both prompts. If I Tidy or Maintain, I can then get to a hot spot. If not, it usually gets unmanageable quickly. Good News! Down sizing 🤞later this year. The move will be a Lot of work, &have started packing up. Deep clean in B/R, so progress.