How do you manage to tidy if you have the same standards as I have? Even just doing one drawer makes me overwhelmed…

David T.
When I feel overwhelmed, but I know I need to do something, I set my timer for 5 minutes, starting at the door go clockwise around the room start tidying the first thing you come to, and stop when the timer goes off. Start where you left off the next day. Be sure to give yourself a reward for accomplishing that 5 minutes doing something you like to do. Eventually you will get it done. Trust the process, there is always tomorrow and if not then it really doesn’t matter 😁
Sven Q.
Recently I reorganized all my clothes using the Konmari method and I love how neat and tidy it is. I found that after doing this I was more inclined to keep it clean. I try every night or at least weekly to tidy my clothes and my desk, when I have a clean room it is easier to focus on my work. Find a method that work for you and feels like a natural part of your routine.
Est Ban F.
If you spend more time in productivity then using mobile and doing stuff like this only then you will also get time to manage things and able to tidy up your space
Catherine Z.
I stay focused on my things and I check my routine to make sure I got everything done before I go to bed so that I sleep well and stress free. I have a planner that keep me on track .
Nathaniel U.
Listen to a Slob Comes Clean podcast. Her journey is so relatable to me. One of the biggest barriers to keeping things tidy is having more stuff than you need. Her number one rule is to start with the stuff you can see – not the drawers that you can close. Build your tidying muscles first with visible wins, before tackling ALL THE DRAWERS! They’ll wait 🙂
Allen Q.
Visualize what you want that drawer to be used for. Go to the dollar store and find some simple organizing inserts to simplify your drawer.
Put some music on and go for it