How thoroughly do you clean during completing this habit? Or is it just more of a ‘tidy up the small things’ prompt?

Alaysia F.
I do a thorough clean of everything! I make my bed, do laundry if needed, clean the bathroom, do dishes, and put things away.
Aymeric Z.
I'm cleaning a small things my house was is such a mess that every moment gives me the option to see my self in a new life. A new vision
Misty E.
I started small by cleaning up after the dishes and hanging up the washing. Although I could if fobe more organising hanging up the washing is my least favourite job do I fell prefer has been made
Donald J.
I just tidy up small messes. Because it is a daily routine, there is usually not much clutter. I don’t “clean” as in dust, vacuum, etc. if there’s dishes to put away I’ll do that etc.
Shiza N.
It depends on how much time I have. Usually just tidy up your workspace everyday and deep clean on weekends or when I have more time
Od Lia F.
Much more thoroughly than I expected. I kept seeing things that could be discarded and just went with it. I also attacked more rooms than I was asked to.