How do I become a minimalist at home?

Rosemerie Q.
Minimalism isn’t really just having only enough to survive. Minimalism is about only owning things you truly love or absolutely need. If someone has dozens of nail polish colors, saving all of them for “one day”, but they only consistently use two, it doesn’t make sense to keep all those other colors. Start by going through all your belongings- Marie Kondo’s method is a good place to start, I’d recomend reading her book. Only keep what you wear all the time, use all the time, truly love, or truly need. Starting in the kitchen is easier. Is your fridge full of old food or condiments, or things you won’t eat? Do you have certain spices you’ve never used? Packaged or canned goods? Donate these items to a Food Bank or homeless shelter. Minimalism is having enough, not too much and not too little, and being surrounded only by the things you know of and love.
Rasmus G.
Put all of the unused things in a cupboard. Anything still there after three months can be given away & the cupboard used for something creative.

Then, only buy beautiful things.

Lucas Z.
Well the first thing is that I’m going to put everything in a see thru boxes and keep things to a minimal I’m going to do the same in the Baber shop in my job.
Malthe C.
Start by getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. Declutter things like your bag, purse or phone because they are the easiest the minimalise. When you are used to doing this, move on to bigger things like your clothes… (you get the idea). I hope you suceed, good luck!
Eugene A.
Throw old clothes away relentlessly.
Use up products and food or if not then out in a pile to sell or give away all in one hit.
Keep the fridge clutter free
Throw out old books.
Throw out dvds
Don’t keep old underwear
Throw out old medication, you can make a note of what you’ve had in your phone if you want to be ocd

Candice E.
Only keep the things around that make me happy.
Make time for the things that keep my family togheter and make them happy.
Morris C.
I’m not a minimalist. I know I should strive for less. I’m a collector. Items have memories. Some good ansome painful. They’re mine. Minimalism is overrated to me.
Maja W.
really think about the thinks that serves you and the objects and activities you enjoy and fill your brain with happiness. The rest is just clutter. ask yourself: do I really need this? And don’t try to do it all at once. go step by step. Try to start with your clothes 🙂
Christian N.
We’ll i can tell exactly help you to much because I am not one myself, but you can watch YouTube videos, about minimalist’s life and how they became one. I may have one tip: de clutter/ donate what you don’t need.
Isabella W.
I don’t know about be a minimalist. The only advice I have is.. keep things out in the open if you hate clutter you find yourself getting rid of eye sores. Every morning before I get my son up I try to clean up. Ie put up the dishes that were washed the night before, straighten up, little things like that.
Anna Y.
Take your time to go trough your closets and donate the stuf you don’t use. If you are not sure you want to throw something out you can put it in a box for a week and see if you missed it. If you didn’t that means you don’t really need it and you better give it to people who can use it. Good luck!!
Elo Sa Y.
Be simple
Think yourself
And ask yourself
First you really want to be minimal at home ..

I don’t wanna be minimalist .

I like a lot of lovely pictures
So I wanna be a beautiful lady in my small but cute and pretty house .

But if you really do
Do for yourself
Not for others.

Just you can start empty your small precious
Boxes ..

You can be
Wanna be

Sebastian G.
Here are some easy ways to stay tidy.

#1 have a dump bin at the bottom of your stairs for things to go upstairs.

#2 Have plastic organizing bins for under your bed and drawers.

#3 set reminders to do different chores around the house to make sure your house always stays clean.

Good luck!

Terry P.
Have a deep clean, it might take a loooong time, but it’s worth it. Go through everything that you have and think ‘Do I actually need to own this or is this just bringing clutter to my house/room? Think of it this way, the less you have, the less you will have to tidy up, also meaning that your head and mind will become tidier too.
Gero X.
We need the right perspective and know that less is better. We need to declutter things that we don’t really need, or maybe we can use marie kondo technique? Try to be grateful with whatever we have right now.
Todd J.
Let go of anything you haven’t used for the last 6 months. If you feel you still really need it in your life then put it away in a loft space and see if in 6 months you have missed or thought about it.
Giving things away to charity helps give you the feeling that things will still be used and loved.
Roseli S.
I love using the Konmari method. Check out Marie Kondo on Netflix. It encourages you to keep only items that truly spark joy in you. The oh yeah feeling! Not every item gives this response. There is five categories and once you finish you will feel so grateful and comfortable and joyful in your environment. The very first thing is to sit and meditate focusing on your house to introduce yourself and to thank your house!! I love that and it seems so amazingly aligned with my journey with the Fabulous! Folding is now fun and I love the space saved for the items I kept. This to me is a good beginning and as you see yourself start to enjoy less items and freeing yourself from the weight of everything. Some struggle with clothing. Some struggle with papers etc. you will definitely see your stuff vice during this process. This will change your environment give you strong feelings of gratitude for your house and people and items as you find and remember but the goal is only to keep that which sparks joy! Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono (misc items overall, and finally sentimental. It is essential to go in order and save items for that part of process. It will shock you to put every clothing item out on a bed before you and to just see that alone will let you know that the minimalist way is so much less stressful no matter how much you keep the release of letting go will begin to change you and letting go will become easier also you will be less tempted to fill up the space you just created because you will only want to purchase those items that give you the “YES!” feeling inside. Plus Marie Kondo is the tiniest most adorable Polly pocket sized kind beautiful guide she will just warm your heart!
Shannon W.
Not too sure as I am learning that myself. I guess my top tip would be to think a lot before buying something new and evaluating what you already have and if you really need it.
Oscar Z.
Ask yourself why you have the things you have. Do you have them because they are genuinely practical and useful, because they are deeply sentimental, or because they truly make your life better? If so, keep them. Do you have them because they are new/exciting, because they are popular, because you feel obligated to have them, or because they cost a lot of money? If so, donate or sell them so someone else who truly needs them may have them. Minimalism doesn’t mean keeping almost nothing. It means not keeping things that mean almost nothing.
Loris Y.
Really look at what you have and see if it is pulling you down or up. Keep what brings your body up. Go by category, not location. Save sentimental items for last when you’re more clear on what joy feels like in your body
Laura P.
First, I think we should contemplate what is being a minimalist, what exactly for you that term means. For me, I see it as living with what is essencial and producing as less as possible waste. Having this in mind, if you want to became a minimalist, you should decide if you want to make it a quick, drastic and sudden change in your life; or, if you want it to be a slow process to enter your life style. In what ever rhythm you chose, there will have to be changes in your surroundings and your lifestyle… and changes in you. Be open to new views and ideas you might have and feel. It is always hard to change old habits, but the human mind and body are created for
change… as you know. It won’t be easy, but it is possible. If you hear your body and your mind while you are doing the changes in your lifestyle, you will not go against what you really feel and want. In hard days, just close your eyes and remember why you chose to live a minimalist life.

So, how to start…
if you are not changing houses or living in a hand made hut; clean your house of everything non-essential. Don’t be afraid, close your eyes and remember why you want to do this. Be conscious of your daily routine and of what you really need to use to be able to complete it.
-waste as less as possible.
We humans waste so many things, whether it be natural ou unatural, let’s face it, the ideal minimalist lives in the countryside with a compost toilet and the right amount of tools. We don’t all fit it that scene (yet, at least) so/but we can still try our best to reuse what we have in the best way possible.
Nowadays there are lot of website that give use good ideas of how, have fun reading them and discovering what you could do to reuse things.
We don’t need plastic bags to go shopping, actually we only need like 5 material bags Max. We don’t need thousands of towels, thousands of clothes, thousands of books… if you really think about it, there are thousands of things we don’t really need to life your daily life… thinking and acting on it, we will life a freer and more organised life… without clutter and obsessions.
This was not a minimalist answer , but good luck on your journey to became a minimalist. I believe it will make you more aware of what you are and your surrounds.

James Z.
I think, that first of all you have to start from changing little things. (Like changing your enviroment). You have to make yourself comfortable with that what you want. And also be happy and excited about it! Hope I’ve helped. 🙂
Ethan F.
I think the minimalist lifestyle is all about intentional living. I think its blocks out distractions but still finds a way to find what makes you most happy. This is something I struggle with. I would like to adopt a minimalist lifestyle as well. I’m searching for my center and when I have a better sense of self, I can begin to form new habits.
Oscar Q.
Start with your own stuff. Try the minimalist challenge. Google it. And watch people on YouTube and you can see how they’ve achieved minimalism. Then take it and implement it into your own life
Adam X.
Well, I am still working on that! Some of my stuff can go, and some can stay. I have physical memories of ppl and places, I want to get rid of some of them, but equally I am loathe to. So…I don’t really know but I am trying to figure that out!
Marlies O.
If we’re talking in terms of possessions, you’ll have to share the secret with me when you find it. I’m a total hoarder.
Eddie Z.
Honestly I don’t have the slightest idea what that is. I think you’ll have to ask another Fabulous user on this question
Franclim N.
You become a minimalist by the by taking pleasure no the simple things you own, you enjoy simplistic things, nothing complicated and uneasy to read and understand
Katrina U.
Well I usually go through my things quarterly. I start in one room & make three piles: keep, give a way, & trash. Next, I clean up the room getting rid of all clutter. Things I want to keep go into labeled bins & are stored in the garage. Later I start another room.
Tobias C.
Begin to find examples of minimalism that you enjoy. Develop your appreciation and you may find a desire to create spaces that are free of clutter. Start with a small space and find a home for each item that doesn’t belong there. Put the item back in its ‘home’ each time you use it. As you increase your admiration for minimalist spaces, you may find you enjoy putting things away.
Janice E.
I can’t really say much because my mother is a hoarder, but just try and live with what you think would be the most important. Like make a pile and list at least 3 reasons why that’s object has such amazing importance to you
Didaco Z.
First, eliminate waste. Clean the dishes. Wash clothes. Dust. Second, identify objects that go unused. “I might” identifies those objects quite well. Part with them, with the ease of exhaling. Donate if possible. Third, eliminate stress. To-do lists that are going undone. Hobbies that have fallen by the wayside. Memorabilia. Decorations that serve only to decorate. Catalogue them with a camera. Cherish them. Release them. Fourth, tidy up again. Dust. Caulk. Vacuum. Create space. Fifth, pause, breathe, and exhale the anxieties of the changes you have made. Now, you are cleaner, clearer, and simpler.
Stephanie C.
Start with your room. Get a box, find things in your room that haven’t been used for the past 2/3 years and put in the box. Sell them off or give it away.
Maja Y.
Little by little. Declutter in sections; clothes are the easiest. Give away or throw away things you don’t use. Don’t buy new things without contemplating if it is needed. Try not to have multiples. Tidy daily to avoid things piling up. Look for items or furniture that get the job done more than the look or trend. Be patient.
Suzy Z.
Always a battle!! Makenpurging easy by setting up a bin in a closet somewhere where you can regularly drop in items, clothes, etc. piece by piece, rather than waiting for “clean out day”. Make it part of your routine!
Liesel J.
Get rid of trash and things you do not use. That’s all I can give. I’m not much of a minimalist, but that’s the key idea. Getting rid of unnecessary junk.
Ily S Z.
Start by getting rid of the things which you don’t use anymore or have no purpose. The 1st thing which you could do is check your wardrobe. Donate the clothes which you aren’t wearing anymore. The thing is that, once you start the process it will all come naturally. Small steps build a long highway 😀
Jerome Q.
You Need to understand that less is more and that’s the key start of how to be come a minimalist , just remember to take a minute and look around what you don’t need get red of it
Billie T.
This was my biggest struggle for the longest time! I embraced the phrase “collect memories, not things” and it totally changed my life. Previously, I’d been obsessed with souvenirs and random little mementos of even more random places/things/people/events and I had too many of them. I set aside a few days during vacation and I purged my entire life. I cleaned out all the stuff I didn’t use or didn’t need and it made my life so much easier. The key to becoming a minimalist is simply to let things go. You have the memories of everything within your heart and your mind; you don’t require physical keepsakes. Just let it go! It’s very freeing.