What are some vegetarian breakfasts that give you enough energy for 8 hours of school?

Andreas C.
A fattening breakfast… eggs with sauteed garlic buttered mushroom and spinach. Caprese salad (tomatoes and cheese) and then 60g of fat from nuts.
Asta W.
1.avocado toast, with tomato and basil(optional)
2.oatmeal with your choice of nuts berries or fresh fruit
3.a fruit salad and or a non-dairy parfait
These are just a few. If you want some more ideas google it and I assure you, you will find many recipes
Evandro A.
Porridge and fruit on the side is definitely energy full. However, I wouldn’t recommend going 8 hours without food unless necessary. Maybe take some snacks to eat halfway through? Such as nuts, fruit or even sandwiches? Hope this helps😸
Sebastiana Y.
I would say any breakfast high in protein and fat would be good. Try adding almond butter to a smoothie that has bananas, kale, vegan protein, etc. Load it up and make it big. I even add an organic farm egg or two, as well as ice… I start sipping around 10am and it usually keeps me going! However, do remember that your brain needs food. Ideally, don’t skip lunch or you will eventually burn out by exam time. I would recommend a good heavy salad for lunch, like a Cobb or Glory Bowl type salad (substitute ingredients accordingly) to keep you strong and able to concentrate week after week. Bottom line: minimum to no white carbs for breakfast or lunch; load up on veggies and protein!
Glen P.
None. It’s a mix of a full night’s quality sleep with appropriate exercise and good nutrition including plenty of water with positive thoughts