Do you find it easier to do little bits of cleaning regularly or one big clean when needed?

Kelly C.
It is pending children work etc. When the children were young I'd just safe not so clean till they went to bed. Then clean throughout. Now they are older I keep on top of things and treat the house to a weekly scrub
Chelsea E.
Little bits of cleaning regularly. It’s harder for me to find motivation to clean when I know I have a lot to do all at once.
Heidi N.
I am always cleaning and have a schedule. I do a general cleaning of my entire home once a week but in addition each week is dedicated to on room. For example the first week is the living room/dining room where I go in depth with polishing, sweeping the ceiling, windexing all the glass Knick knacks, etc. then the second week I’ll do the master bedroom where I strip the bed down to the mattress protectors, pillows, blankets, duvet covers, straighten all the drawers and so forth. And of course every day I clean as I go so everything is neat and tidy.