How do you stay consistent with cleaning your house daily?

Roland U.
I would suggest tidying slightly during the day as you go, so towards the end it's only a small 10 minute clean up. If you don't have time to neaten up as you go throughout the day, avoid making messes you won't have the motivating to make clean later. I hope this helps the best it can.
April U.
I like cleaning. I feel stress when my place is disorganized and unclean. I believe in the statement that says that your place represents the state of your mind. The feeling to be welcome by a place that is safe and cozy is what give me the motivation to clean everyday. You do not need to do big things, but a chore at the time so that it will not overwhelm you. It's important to put things where they belong every time you use them, that will earn you time when you need to clean.
Sorry my English, I hope I help you.❤
Aly N.
I don’t have much of a choice. I’m a stay at home mom and if I don’t clean it’s obvious. My son makes messes all day and I clean until I go to bed.
Emma P.
I can’t say that I am anyway near perfect at keeping my house immaculate, but one habit that I feel helps is that I never leave a room empty-handed. So if I am heading upstairs, I’ll take some clean laundry with me and put it away or if I’m heading to the kitchen, I’ll pick up any dirty dishes left over.
I also try to put things away as soon as possible as it usually only takes a couple minutes instead of leaving things to hold up and become a much bigger job down the line.
Silas G.
Make it not feel like a chore, choose some great music or a podcast to put whilst doing it, if it’s a podcast or something similar that is released weekly or daily it means that you will begin to associate looking forward to listening to it with pottering around and tidying at the same time
Mille P.
Clean up after yourself right after you use something. In this way, there will be no major mess and your house will always be as clean as before.
Kee Lee T.
I always have to do something, like I love cleaning I make my bed every day and clean my bathroom, my room, and do my laundry I just enjoy having a good clean place and being able to workout and meditate in a clean space and then I put essential oil’s in my defuser and mainly I put in peppermint and write in my journal and it just makes me feel calm and collected 😉
Destiny Z.
I recognize that it’s creating a healthy and a clean environment and i do little things at a time. for example all the red things or all the trash or all the stuffed animals etc
Breanna O.
Assign an area of the house a day to work on along with a couple of set things that are cleaned everyday for 10min and a deep clean once a week
Isabella C.
i figured out that a messy house/room makes me lazy and unproductive,thinking about the consequences that takes place when i don't do the chores around the house makes me want to clean my house
Timmothy C.
Tak naprawdę to mim wszystko mama mnie do tego motywuje. A jak nie to po prostu nie lubie zaczynać pracować nad czymś jak jest brudno
Ann P.
I follow the same routine every day. This helps me stick to it. I have yet to schedule weekly chores on set days. Most probably need to add it to my to do list or do a daily planner.
Melissa F.
I don't impose my self to clean the hole house at once. I do a task a day depending on the degree that is needed. It also helps track the time so you can know for certain how much time it would take each particular task.
Julia O.
Well I always feel better in the clean environment and since I live in such a small space it's very important to keep my home clean so it's become part of my daily routine I guess just repetition and knowing the benefits of having a clean space
Lina Z.
You need to remember that you have a streak that you don't want to loose and that it is unhealthy to be living in a messy house. Good luck!
Lisa Q.
I follow But First, Coffee on YouTube and have now been reading her blog. She gives tips on routines and I try to incorporate them into my day. Do as far as cleaning;
1. When I get myself ready in the morning, I wipe my bathroom counter and mirrors and tidy up as I do this. Then I wipe the toilet and swish brush around inside bowl.
2. Kichen—in the evening I clean my sink. In the morning after I eat breakfast, I do dishes right away and make sure surfaces are tidy after my husband and daughter go to work.
3. I make my bed after breakfast and get dressed and go on my day.
I try to put things away after they come out. My family does also.
I hope this is helpful.
Mathys P.
Aim small and anything extra will feel like a huge win. My aim everyday is to simply make my bed. If I put some washing in, that’s a bonus. If I wash the pots – another bonus. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Even something as simple as chucking some bleach around the toilet makes me feel like I’ve accomplished more than I set out to 🙂
River G.
Every time I go to another room, I pick up a couple things and put them back in place. Or I will designate a time everyday for cleaning
Blob Z.
I tell my self that if I don clean my room I won’t get to do this or get that . – But this can apply to anything, you can use ‘this method for washing dishes and anything else. I hope this helped you 🙂
Arifa N.
I clean little-by-little, corner-by-corner every day, and I enjoy listening to music, so I make cleaning fun by also spending that time to check out new music.
J Neane I.
I’m not so consistent that I feel I can answer This question, but this app has help me be accountable to consistently do things much more than I would without it. So now I’m going to tidy my desk because I have that 10 minutes to do so and this is the start to trying to be as consistent as I possibly can
Oliver F.
I just feel more comfortable with clean house! And if I some day feel tired and have a messy house, I just start listening to music!
Lucien Z.
I always get a notification from Fabulous when it’s time to clean my house so whenever the notification pops up i drop everything and clean my house for a productive 10 min and go back to whatever i was doing when i do that i feel so much more cleansed and productive especially when I’m doing schoolwork
K The O.
Well I live by "Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do" and by that pretty much you just do what you need to do so you can have more time to do what you want to do
Agneta F.
I am cleaning my house because i dont like a mess when everything turns on mess im trying to clean it but not always i have a time.
Enora Y.
I consider that a clean environment clears up my mind and helps me stay organized as well as it gives me a sense of achievement and accomplishment
Mahnoor F.
Go to a reallyyyyyyy dirty place for a day when ur back home you’ll want ur house shining in no time it just motivates u
Chillie F.
I choose an area to clean each day and also plan which area I’m going to clean. I also clean up after myself make cleaning much better. My bathroom is always clean because when I’m going to have a bath or shower I clean before and wash the bath after I finish
Tyler G.
I simply just love to see everything clean around my house, so is not hard for me to create a schedule when it comes to cleaning, or just see something that is not entirely and clean it in the moment
Gustavo E.
I’m willing to do it NOW (availing that i’m on vacation) since I have procrastinated it for so many months. I’m making progress and it’s beautiful to see my room organized the way I want
Leonor E.
Clean your house does not mean that you have to make it a SUPER clean palace. The point of cleaning is also to feel better about it. Thinking of how it will feel good when everything is done and you can rest. Cleaning can mean clean the kitchen one day, clean the dust and windows the other one, it's up to you!
Ra L P.
I don't know but whenever i see dirt and mess in my room i can't control i clean it asap.. and when you clean your room on daily doesn't get dirty and messy too next day you have to put less effort to clean the room.. so clean your room daily..
Bar A P.
I hate seeing clutter. I can't be at that place, i start to feel bad. I hate when somenthing is supposed to be done but is not. Just get up, set a timer for 30mins and make your day much better!
Rutendo T.
If I move something, I make sure I put it back right after use, and every night before going to bed, I restore the house in order (clean dishes, fold laundry, fix couch pillows, clear work desk and spot sweep if there was a mess made, otherwise vacuum every weekend). I celebrate waking up to a clean space 🥰
Алина Екимова N.
I don't clean whole house daily. Its just I choose what room or area I need to clean today. Sometimes its whole room, like bedroom, fully from changing bedclothes to cleaning the floor. Sometimes when Im not in the mood I can just wash dishes or bin trash and I accept it as its done
Carlos S.
Simple. Before I leave the house I do some jobs in the house. Put plates away from night before. Water plants. Sweep the terrace. Do a bit of handwashing. Clean the top of the cooker Always something fir about 30 mins.
Abbie G.
I hate having a dirty space. Coming home or waking up to a mess can put me in a bad mood. Cleaning can also be therapeutic.
Sarah O.
It's said your surroundings show whether your mind is clean or not . So for me to work or study I really a need a clean environment which makes me to clean my house everyday.
Vale P.
I make a deep cleaning every 2 weeks and then dedicate some time a day to tidy. Also, I try to keep clean every time I use a room. If you clean right after it would be easier and faster to keep it clean every day!
Douglas Q.
Try and do it at certain times of the day every day for example minors usually morning if I have time and if I don't it's in the evening before bed
Allie R.
i always consistent to cleaning my house daily, because i feel unconfortable if my house messy, and my mom told me how important to keep clean our house. so that why i always consistat with it, but rarely i forgot to check list of fabuolus, hehe im sorry for that. but thanks because the notification always make me remind if i havent clean my house yet. but after clean it, i just fall for read some books that make me forget to check the list,

wuf u fabuolus:)

Kiasha J.
I clean what I see first. If I been staring at a wrapper all day I’d start with that first and just follow my eyes. The hardest part is starting but just get moving
Malone E.
Well, basically I have OCD. So, I have to keep my house clean or it will keep bugging me and I won't be able to concenrate on anything else. So, that is what I do: wake up, clean my bed, the rest of the house while making tea for myself. By the time I have to start studying or working, the whole house is clean and I feel much at peace.
Suzanne Q.
I like to be in a clean place , I mean who doesn't? ,but cleaning a part every day is a useful way . Like Sunday kitchen, Monday living room and other rooms, etc.
I have it in my house but it is not good . Making sure that you don't have any garbage or useless things around the house will give a wider looking place. Sharing cleaning helps .
The joy of marking cleaning your house in the app "fabulous " could be fantastic 😀
Bogdan X.
Only I start with my bed, because is easier than the other things; Once I've started, I can't stop until my desk and my closet are ready too…
Rosa C.
I make sure I do all my other habits first and after that I think of what my mother always says "A clean home is a clean mind"-mum This really helps me on my journey and makes me think how much better I can do if I keep these good habits up
Sander U.
Well it is betting to clean straight away so later you don’t have to do anything if you go on holiday I prefer to clean a lot before going so when your back you can relax
Virgil Z.
I do it in 5-10 minute installments rather than all at once. Whenever I see something in the house that doesn't belong where it is, I put it away. I declutter regularly.
Hila P.
It's actually a lot easier because before I did this I did a big clean about once a year but now I just clean a little bit every evening so it stays clean all the time and I don't have to do a big clean
Maria Z.
To be honest I was never the person that can't concentrate in a messy room. My room used to be really messy. Then my friend came over at my place and tidied all up an since then I had been cleaning it regularly because I made a promise to her. Now I am used to it and I don't let it be messy for a long time
Marika X.
You make a rule out of it that you can’t go to bed without cleaning. (With exceptions)
Once the room is generally clean all the time then any mess will stand out like a sore thumb and I will want to clean it up.
Yokotsuka E.
Thanks to this app :).
It's not like I hate cleaning, however it gets exhausting real quick. So I try to clean a bit by bit everyday. It is much better than stacking it up and more of a fun.
Nadhillah F.
for me cleanliness is comfort even though maybe my mood is sometimes not good I keep cleaning it because it helps and is good enough to give positive things from a clean room