Does your room/ house easily get messy too??

Nickisha Y.
Yes, it doesn’t get messy too quickly especially when my parents make mess and don’t bother to pick up after themselves.
Elo Se Z.
yes, and i have no idea how or why! i think its because when i am in a rush, i gorget to be mindful of my possessions and treat them with care and just toss them aside and pursue whatvever it is that i am so focused on.
V N.
Yes. Especially when I’m anxious and/or depressed, I find it hard to pull myself together enough to tackle a cleaning project or keep the common areas as tidy as I should.

I’m not plagued too much by sugar cravings – salty and savoury are more my “jam.” But if my sweet tooth starts talking while I’m making the rounds at the grocery store, I try to force myself to just walk on by. If it’s not in the cupboard, I can’t eat it so I avoid bringing that stuff into the house. Brushing my teeth when I get a craving helps as well: I don’t want to slather sugar onto my freshly cleaned teeth! 😄